Wednesday, November 04, 2015


01. Outside - Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding
02. Bukem - Autoerotique & 4B
03. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
04. Beautiful World(Radio Edit) - Blasterjaxx & DBSTF feat. Ryder
05. Irresistible - Fall Out Boy
06. GDFR - Flo Rida feat. Sage The Gemini & Lookas
07. Burnin - Calvin Harris & R3Hab
08. I Am Machine - Three Days Grace
09. Sugar - Maroon 5
10. Brother - NEEDTOBREATH feat. Gavin Degraw

BODYPUMP 95 is ‘going down’ for real! This is one release you’re not going to want to miss. I have combined continuous tension training with bursts of high-intensity intervals to perfection, to bring you a fat-burning, muscle-building phenomenon.

Again, the focus is on doing a whole heap of reps – and I’ve added even more, with lots of Pulses. Just wait for the Lunges Track – and you thought the last round was tough…ha!

The music will get you through and you’ll be out the other side before you know it – humming and happy, but ultimately smashed from the blast.

Plus, my son Oliver waited until the perfect time to arrive, so I made it to filming! Enjoy!


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Sunday, July 12, 2015

BODYPUMP 94 Sizzler

Glen and the tea, the filming of Bodypump 94. Review coming soon, an awesome release.


Coming a review of Bodypump 94, standout tracks to me are tracks 8,9 and 10.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015


01. Heroes(We Could Be) - Alesso feat. Tove Lo
02. Everybody Go! Vice
03. Burnin' Up - Jessie J feat. 2 Chainz
04. Today(Scooter Remix) - Scooter & Vassy
05. Lips Are Movin - Meghan Trainor
06. Get `Em Up - Nickelback
07. We Make It Bounce - Dillon Francis feat. Major Lazer & Stylo G
08. This Is How It Goes - Zylent feat. Katatonic
09. Baby Don’t Lie - Gwen Stefani
10. Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Paloma Faith
ALTERNATIVE-6 I Bet My Life - Imagine Dragons

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Backstreet Boys - Drowning

Would have loved to seen this as a track 10 in Mikes Bodypump!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I am posting over here for the past 2 years...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

PPCA Free Tracklist Updates Quarter 3 2011

I know I have been slack placing the tracklists on this site, the reason is that i have now 2o pages to update with the Non PPCA and the PPCA Free releases. 

Today, I uploaded the PPCA Free tracklists for:


The link location is at: 

PPCA Free Link Quarter 3 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011


If you’re after a simple, effective and athletic workout, BODYPUMP™ 79 is the one for you. It’s a challenging release that’ll test you to the limits, so it’s important to recognize what those limits are, especially if you’re new. Make sure your weight selection isn’t too heavy, form and technique are strong, and that you take any options you need to get to the end. Your Warmup will help you prepare mentally and physically for the test ahead, starting with a Squat routine that will take you Closer To The Edge of your fitness. A new combination - 4 Singles, followed by 4 Bottom Halves - will pound your legs to virtual submission. In Track 3, remember to allow your shoulder blades to squeeze together as you lower the bar to get the most out of your Chest workout. The Back track introduces an innovative Mid-bar Grip - half a hand-width wider than in SET position - that changes the way the muscles fire. Don’t forget to bend your knees through the tough Power Press/Triple Row Combo and we’re bringing back 7 Rows to really nail the back. “You bring your best, we’ll bring ours.” Be prepared to have the kitchen sink thrown at your triceps - Tricep Extensions, Tricep Presses, Seated Dips and Overhead Extensions will take you to the point of fatigue. You weren’t Born This Way, but you are on the right track, baby! After a hardcore Biceps track, set to an American classic, Lunges set off a Grenade in your legs. Then it’s on to shoulders, where an old favorite awaits you - that’s right, the Rotator Pec Dec from BODYPUMP™ 75! Even the Abs track has something new - a Reverse Weight Grip that opens up the chest and makes Crunches just a little trickier. Let’s call it one last twist of the knife. But don’t worry - if we’ve made it this far, We’ll Be Alright.

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I Love You This Big - Scotty MCCreery

This site has in the lifetime of Amerian Idol supported the artists and singers that appear on the show. I would like to introduce the music of Scotty McCreery I Love You This Big, check it out. Scott is going to be massive

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Tracklist Site Update

Tracklists for the current Les Mills 2nd Quarter are now updated. I so slack doing this as my day job has taken over my life!


PPCA Free Tracklist Site Update

Tracklists updates are here for the PPCA Free Versions of Les Mills Internationals Exercise Programmes:


Slack Me!

Sorry, have not been posting on any of the sites since March, my day job took pretty much over my whole life for the past 3 months. I am a training complaince officer, and that is my day job, I have been working in my day job pretty much 7 days a week for the last 3 months.

We survived the audit :)

Lots of stress, but I got there at the end :)

Friday, June 03, 2011


This workout is all about building lean muscle through pressure and pushing you to fatigue in each and every track. Saturday sets a positive tone in the Warmup as you move through the range of motions that prepare you for the rest of the class. Squats create a Beautiful Monster in three stages, using Singles to drive the heart beat up and then twisting the knife with some strong Bottom Halves. You’ll instantly recognize the guitar intro and by the end of Track 3, your chest will be screaming at you, so focus on great technique through the pain. Four Clean & Presses in a row throw down the “cardio kicker” challenge to the back, while very quick transitions give the Triceps no respite in Track 5. Likewise, the introduction of Bicep Rows mean you don’t get a chance to relax ... there’ll be no raising of the glass afterwards! Track 7 will set off the fireworks in your legs with an overpowering sequence of Squats - Lunges - Squats - Lunges - Squats - Lunges - (gulp!) more Lunges. You’ll be a little shaky on your feet, but next stop is Africa for a three-pronged attack on your shoulders - Deltoid Raises, Side Raises and Overhead Presses. But Please Don’t Go just yet ... what about your abs? We’ve got some Side Oblique Crunches, Crunches with a Pulse and Hover, forward and back. By the time you stretch and leave, the past hour will seem like Just A Dream ... except your body will be telling you otherwise.

© 2011 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake 11th March 2011

Yesterday a earthquake hit Japan at 8.6 on the Richter Scale. I am devastated by what I have seen on TV and on the internet and saddens me. My prayers and thoughts go to the people in Japan this moment. I cannot believe what I am seeing at the moment. 

To my former students who have studied under me who live in Japan my prayers are with you. I hope and pray all of you are alive and that you and I am trying to make contact to see if you are OK. One of my former students married recently and is planning returning to Australia. I pray she is alright and she is safe with her new husband. 
God Bless All :(

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wildboyz ft. Ameerah - The Sound Of Missing You OFFICIAL VIDEO

Love this track it should be in Bodypump, please vote for this on the song suggestion site :)

Monday, February 07, 2011


This is the very first look at the sizzler for BODYPUMP® 77

Two releases ago, the BODYPUMP® team unleashed a Shoulders Track that had everyone in awe. This time, they take the Back Track to that same level. BODYPUMP® 77 sets out to put tension on the working muscles to make them stronger and more toned and, after the Warmup, delivers on that promise with a Squat Track that stresses Bottom Halves, 1/3s and Super Slows to build pressure. Your chest gets the same treatment, mixing pressure-building slow reps with Singles and Halves for power, before this release’s pièce de résistance... Keep the Chest weight and get ready to pump out three Power Presses – four sets back-to-back, three times. The biggest Back Track in the history of BODYPUMP®? Believe it! It’s a huge anaerobic power move; just don’t forget to engage your core and legs to drive the weight overhead each time. The Triceps Track features a fun Press Pull-over Combination – oh yeah, you’ll like it – while the slower tempo of Diamond Eyes will encourage your biceps to say “goodbye to weakness”, again pounding out plenty of Single and Half Curls. Track 7 uses Backward-Stepping Lunges to pre-fatigue the legs, finally finishing them off with heavy Squats; then you get to throw the kitchen sink at your shoulders to the anthemic Ti Sento. The new Side Oblique Crunch builds intensity through the abs and core, and the hard work ends with an “Around The World” version of the Plank. If you’re wondering what we can possibly do next to make this program more challenging, you won’t have to wait long to find out...

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jack LaLanne dies at 96

Jack LaLanne has passed away on the 23rd January 2011. Jack was the father of the fitness industry. 

If it was not for Jack LaLanne none of this what is here today created by Les Mills International would be here today.

Jack LaLanne.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This track would lock in any Bodypump class.

Awesome track vote 1 for this track in Bodypump

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Some of you may not know this but this blogger originates from Brisbane Queensland Australia. We are in the midst of our worst flood since 1974. There has been a number of deaths and 66 people missing. It is a tragedy that I last saw in 1974. I thought that I would never see this again in my lifetime. This is worse than 1974 we now have a massive wall of water around Queensland. It is the size of Germany and France in area effected. 

My thoughts go to the people effected in this flood.

Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Years

It has been 10 years since the release of the tracklists. I released all my tracklists December 2001. Up till then they were on my computer and that is where they stayed. Mid October 2001 I decided to launch my tracklists on the old domain I used to post to. 

Thanking everyone for their support and looking forward to the next 10 years.

Best of 2010 and Highlights of the Year

Highlight to me would be the following:

01.Out of the blue we had original music to the releases. Then from May 2010 we had 100% cover versions of the tracks. Love the cover versions of the releases, sad to see the originals go.

02. Exposed to some awesome cover music artists who now shape our version of Bodypump, very impressed with the cover artists :)

03. Biggest release of 2010 was Bodypump 76, the best release ever. Well maybe till this time next year and maybe Bodypump 80 could top Bodypump 76.

04. Favorite top 10 at the moment for 2010

01. The Climb - BP 76 PPCA Free
02. Watcha Say - BP 75 PPCA Free
03. Beautiful Day - BP 76 PPCA Free
04. Pyromania - BP 76 PPCA Free
05. Evacuate The Dancefloor – BP 73 PPCA
06. Not myself Tonight - BP 76 PPCA Free
07. 07. Dangerous - BP 74 PPCA Free
08. Bring It Back - BP 76 PPCA Free
09. More - BP 75 PPCA Free
10. No Surprise BP 73 PPCA

Top Release BP 76 PPCA Free.

Most memorable - attending a classes by Glen Ostergaard and Susan Renata.

It has been an awesome 2010 for Bodypump.

Bring on Bodypump 77 February 2011.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


 Hi everyone, I have moved the blog to the following location (see you over there) for everyone who has the PPCA Free version for Bodypump, otherwise this site is for the original releases.


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