Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Les Mills Super Saturday 9th September 2006!

Les Mills Super Saturday is coming your way this September 9th at Fryshuset Stockholm Sweeden.

Presenting are Susan T, Dan and Jet, G, Dan and local star Jan Roggeveen.


Il Palco del Festival in collaborazione con Les Mills!

Nice website some articles on Bodypump. What really caught my eye was the article on Susan and Steven R on the site.

Giorgio Trappolini and Saskia Alessandrelli join them apparently according to the article the lessons are free.

Is this a spoiler for some future presenters of Bodypump on the DVD's?

18th Fitness Festival!

The Presentation Team Bodypump 59 - John Cleland!

John Cleland, B.Ed., B.S.P.E.

John Cleland is a former collegiate basketball player with an additional year of play in the World Basketball Pro League, as well as a 10-year high school coach and physical education teacher. He is now focusing his energy on the fitness industry as a multiple-program Trainer for Les Mills Programs. John is known for his ability to entertain and for his infectious laugh (that can be heard for miles)!
2005 CanFit Pro

The Presentation Team Bodypump 59 - Peggy Cleland!

Here is an excellent article of Peggy Cleland:

Peggy Cleland, B.Ed.

Peggy is the 2000 Can-Fit-Pro Canadian Presenter of the Year, two-times National Sport Aerobic Champion and has been providing experienced leadership and training to fitness professionals for over 17 years as a top-level instructor and an international presenter. Peggy’s strength as an educator, her wealth of creative ideas and her personal presentation style has made her a popular leader in the fitness industry. Peggy is also a trainer and a writer of continuing education for Les Mills Programs. She is currently the Group-EX Coordinator for Goodlife Fitness Clubs in Calgary, where “building strong Group-Ex programs and training world class teams of instructors is her mission…but being an instructor and engaging people in fitness activities is her passion!”

2005 CanFit Pro

Peggy Cleland Article Can Fit Pro Site!

Did not know that she had a Bachelor of Education!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

We were the first to link to the article on Glen O becoming Program Director for Bodypump!

Yesterday I posted that Glen was the new Choreographer for Bodypump.

Put a link to the article and all that. Well that day Glen was put in the Program Directors Section and Susan was as well.

Nothing like being off the mark ;) here :)

First pictures of Bodypump 59 Presentation Team!

Here is the very first pictures of Glen Ostergaard and the team presenting Bodypump 59.

Read the story and leave a comment for the new presentation team!

Click below to see Glen's entry on the main site!

Glen Ostergaard in action with Susan T (Product Manager) Bodypump!

Glen O's Profile Program Directors Section Updated!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The return of Emma Barry to the Bodypump DVD's!

Emma Barry is back!
Emma Barry and Steven Renata will present regularly
on BODYPUMP™ master class DVDs


Official Press Release Glen Ostergaard New Head Choreographer Bodypump!

Click below to read the full article:

Les Mills International Press Release!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bodypump 59!


Tracklists for Bodypump 59+


These tracklists were created orginally by myself. All other track listing sites that have simular tracklistings came from my original sources dated August 2006

The material comes from official sites that contained original release details going back to 2006.

© 2006 Les Mills International

Bodypump 59 August 2006!

The first release by Glen Ostergaard!

01. Surrender - Nicki French!
02. Simply Irresistable - Robert Palmer!
03. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic!
04.Paradise - E-Type feat Na Na!
05. A to the B - Infernal!
06. Time 2 Move (Kortezman Vocal Version) - Hannah Jones!
07. Like The Sun (Radio Edit) - Trinity 17!
08. Pretty Vegas - INXS!
09. Sweet Home Al - B.A.M.A!
10. I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)- Eros Ramazzotti feat Anastacia!

© 2006 Les Mills International

Bodypump 60 December 2006!

01. Invincible - Carola
02. What's Up - Zander feat Alexis Hart
03. Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi
04. Africa - E - Type
05. Who Knew - Pink!
06. Flaunt It - TV Rock!
07. Angel - BMP 2004!
08. One Night In Bangkok - Viynalshakerz!
09. Hips Don't Lie - Shakira!
10. So Far Away - Armici Forever!
11. CHERRY PIE - Warrant!

Bodypump 61 February 2007!

 ©2007 Les Mills International

01. Love Changes (Everything) (Original Radio Edit) - Musikk feat John Rock
02. Walk On Water (Flip & Fill Remix) - Milk Inc
03. I'm Not Dead - Pink
04. Miracle (Extended Mix) - Cascada
05. Sexyback (Clean Version) - Justin Timberlake
06. Audioslave - Original Fire
07. Somebody's Watching Me (Hi_Tack Radio Edit) - BeatFreakz
08. Uprocking Beats - Bomfunk MCs
09. Déjà vu - Beyonce feat Jay Z
10. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How to search this blogger site!

Searching this blogger!

Just discovered this.

At the top of the blogger is the blogger strap.

You can use that to search this blogger about any of the releases - names of tracks - artists etc....I use it alot to locate information here myself :)

Choreographers and DVD Hall of Fame!

Bodypump 59 August 2006:

Choreographed by: Glen Ostergaard
DVD Presentation by: Glen Ostergaard - John and Peggy Cleland - Susan Tolj - Steven Renata.

Bodypump 60 November 2006:

Choreographed by: Glen Ostergaard
DVD Presentation by: Glen Ostergaard - Susan Tolj - Steven Renata - Ute Wagner - Emma Barry - Pete Manuel!

Bodypump 61 February 2007:

Choreographed by: Glen Ostergaard
DVD Presentation by: Glen Ostergaard - Susan Tolj - Emma Barry!

Bodypump 62 May 2007:

Choreographed by: Glen Ostergaard
DVD Presentation by: Glen Ostergaard, Petter Ehrnvall - Emma Barry- Susan Tolj

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