Monday, July 31, 2006

Let Me Be (Karl G Remix) - Parker & Hanson

Parker & Hanson have an awesome trance track called "Let Me Be" and was released Monday, July 31, 2006 which is about a month behind if you now read this.

©2006 Maelstrom

The single was remixed by Karl G and is a massive 8 minutes long and would rock in Bodypump!

Would suit a track 7.


Trinity Bio

Turbulence are proud to present Trinity, a dance act with all the right ingredients to create a brilliant fusion between synth led Trance and driving vocals.

Their first single on Turbulence, “Like the Sun” is a testament to this and looks set for great things!Trinity are Steve Cox, Chris Mather, Steve Frankland and vocalist Danielle; all of which have been involved in the music industry in some shape or form for quite some time. Steve Cox and Steve Frankland originally started their careers in music by playing together in an acid jazz group back in the mid nineties; it was from this that they first discovered that their passion for music and mutual creativity would lead them to a string of radio play and a series of sell-out gigs, including one in particular whereby the boys shared the same bill as Hut Records’ ‘Space’.Chris Mather joined the collective group at a later stage in all of their careers and was introduced via Steve Frankland.

This fateful meeting would lead them, plus a female vocalist to form a group named Liquid Heat. In their nightclub inspired guise as Liquid Heat, the guys all pooled their music industry experiences into their valuable work on the infamous BT ‘Get Out There’ website project, early in the millennium and became an unparalleld success. During their dance fuelled blaze of glory on the site, the group managed to achieve three ‘Get Out There’ number ones (not an easy feat by any means) and a long standing record number of downloads for any one track.Following regular Saturday night radio plays on the North West’s biggest radio station, Radio City, vocalist Danielle, a regular listener at the time, approached the lads with a view to recording vocals for some of their ongoing projects.

As luck would have it, an audition with the group inspired them to take on Danielle on a more permanent basis than was originally assumed.

Now with the addition of Danielle, Trinity was born and the rest is history...

©1990 Turbulance Records

Featured Artist - 1 Selection 1 - N-Trance - I'm In Heaven

N-Trance - I'm In Heaven out now and would be an awesome track 7 in any Bodypump Class and Forever would be an awesome track 7 please Glen O use it!

They had the enourmous track from Bodypump - Set You Free

© 2004 All around the world


Their Official Website!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trinity Comes to Bodypump for the First Time!

Trinity come to Bodypump for the very first time with their debut single called "Like the Sun"

© 2005 Turbulence Records Ltd.

Cannot wait till September when we get to see the finish product in Bodypump 59!

New Nicki French Single!

Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006" (Energise) was released on the 12th June 2006.

©2006 Infinity Records

Nicki is featured as track 1 in Bodypump 59 with "I Surrender" which is track 1 to introduce "Glen Ostergaard" to Bodypump as the "Head Choreographer"

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bodypump 60 Presentation Team!

Glen Ostergaard Susan Tojl Ute Wagner from Germany - Emma Barry - Steve Renata - Pete Manuel!

Emma last appeared in Bodypump 21 back in 1996.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

4 Non Blondes and Bonjovi Come to Bodypump 60!

Come to Bodypump 60 and included are Bonjovi according to Reymonds Site.

I remember requesting them on the Song Suggestion Site and also suggested Bon Jovi I hope they might be using Bad Day or Bounce!

I can only hope :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why do I have the other companies in the forum and the single topic forum below?

I guess I wanted a place so that anyone can post wheather it is Les Mills or RF or BTS or Fit Club.

I hope that people who are die hard Les Mills won't be put off posting there.

So why the other forums attached to the site (the one below.) it is for people who want to talk about only Bodypump and only talk about it there. The site is intergrated into this one so that they can cut to the chase post about Bodypump and exit. If you want to post in either of them please do so.

Please register and come in!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bodypump 59 so far!

01. I Surrender - Nicki French
02. Simply Irresistible - Robert Palmer
03. - Technotronic
05. A to the B - Infernal
06. Time to Move
07. Like the Sun - Trinity 17
09. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Soundtrack

Monday, July 10, 2006

Prees Announcement Glen Ostergaard


BODYPUMP® will enter its next growth phase in the hands of a Les Mills team with expertise in every facet of exercise science and new generation Group Fitness.

Advising the team at every stage will be the program’s creator, Phillip Mills, while Dr Jackie Mills will also have oversight in her role as Creative Director for Les Mills.

Les Mills International Master Trainer and RPM™ Program Choreographer, Glen Ostergaard, has been appointed Head Choreographer for BODYPUMP®. Fellow IMT Susan Tolj has been appointed Head Trainer.

Other input will be provided as required by Les Mills Training Director Maureen Baker, technical Consultant Bryce Hastings, Education Manager Bridget Armstrong and weight training consultant, Corey Baird.

Now offered in more than 9,000 fi tness clubs, BODYPUMP® remains easily the world’s bestloved branded fi tness class and is not about to undergo radical change.

“We’ll stay cutting edge in terms of using outstanding music and keeping abreast of all the latest developments in exercise science but any innovations will be small and will not alter the program structure” said Jackie Mills.

©2006 Les Mills International

Bodypump 59 Sizzler!

This class targets the workout with accuracy, strength and power. Our mission is to establish a solid foundation in good technique; then hit the muscles dead centre with resistance to build awesome shape and tone.

Providing that safe, stable foundation in the core is the focus of an in depth education session accompanying the new release. Choreography also helps achieve the desired result - the new class has a slower feel to some of tracks to emphasise core stability and engaging the target muscles. Meanwhile, we have a great blend of familiar and new sounds to spice up the workout and keep members coming back for more.

As always, the class warms up with a preview of the moves to come; this time with the cool sounds of I Surrender from Nicki French. It’s important here to focus on technique and the new, higher target zone for the wide dead row. Sweat and burn with Simply Irresistible from Robert Palmer – load up the weights for irresistible legs.

Then lie back and pump the chest with a great 90s sound from Technotronic. Power and strength are in big demand for the new-look back track – keep the elbows high and wide for a good result in the rows.

Then use the rhythm and beat of A to the B to nail the new combinations in the triceps. A thumping piece of music is just what we need for the biceps – and it’s what we get with Time to Move. Lunges, too, get helped along with the awesome Like the Sun from Trinity.

Overhead presses are back in the house for the shoulder track and BODYPUMP® travels to Sweet Home Alabama for a final focus on the core. This is a challenging class but well worth the effort.


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