Thursday, August 31, 2006

On the new tracklist site part 2!

On the new site artist links will be apart of each release. So you can go directly to their websites from each release.

That will be a featured part of the new tracklist site!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Tracklists Page!

As of this release there is a new home page for the tracklists!
Its location will appear on the side bar around 9th September 2006.
Site News will appear at the bottom of each release with information about whats being developed and what is in the works for that release.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shannon Noll New Single!

The site has featured Shannon on Bodypump by Michael J McSweney. The story continues here and he has a new single release 26th August 2006 called Lonley, it is from his successful CD - Lift.

© 2006 Sony/BMG Australia

Check Michaels Bodypump for my entries on Australian Idols Shannon Noll.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Untouchable 3 Once In a Lifetime Groove

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Here is a remake of the smash hot by New Edition!

Would make an awesome track in any Bodybalance Class!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Protein is a primary aide for the development of muscle development and the balancing the enzyme and hormonal balance of our bodies.

Carbohydrates are more than that they provide a source of energy for the whole body. They also provide the necessary fiber intake for the whole body.

Carbohydrates serve as a major source of:

Provides core energy for the whole body (this includes joints and muscle activation.);
Provide energy and nutrients for the brain and make sure that your immune and nervous systems are working and in sync with the whole body;

Control and maintain the fat that is deposited in your body.
Provides energy for muscle contractions during physical exercise;
Helps to maintain your nervous systems;
Helps in providing and maintaining a healthy brain functioning;
Helps the body use fats more efficiently during a period of physical exercise;
Replenishment of energy stores while in a period a physical exercise.

Carbohydrate depletion occurs during physical exercise, you should remember that the Carbohydrate Restoration occurs between 15 – 20 hrs during this HIT+ session.

It also should be remembered that carbohydrate depletion depends on your metabolism rate.

The higher the metabolism the faster a carbohydrate depletion will occur, this leads to the fact that you should have a higher increase in carbohydrate loading while in high physical exercise periods.

The lower your metabolism the lower your carbohydrate intake should be during a period of physical exercise activity.

In the whole Carbohydrates are necessary for you to perform at your ultimate maximum capacity in any aerobic and anaerobic activities.

Consult a dietitian to identify your metabolism rate and structure your carbohydrate loading accordingly.
Consult a Nutritionist before commencing any form of exercise so that a proper diet can be drawn up and followed!

Coming up - Technical Guide on 15 Stretches!

Articles on the top 15 stretches that are common in exercise post and pre exercise. Joint Activation - Muscle Activation - Rep and Timing Guides.




When you commence some sort of physical activity, you are entering a whole new physical area of development. When you were young, you were flexible, the flexibility decreases when you get older.

In saying the above the more flexible you are and the more flexible your primary joints, for example the shoulders, the knees, the elbows, the ankles the hips and the veritable column.

If you are not flexible then you may have uneven flexibility while performing exercise and also being inflexible may lead to poor posture and out of body alignment.

The ability to use stretches during exercise allows you to have a faster recovery time and have the ability to have a wide range of movement during any aerobic training session.

Remember that if you make stretching apart of your daily routine then you can relieve stress and allow full body restoration.

We use Concentric and Eccentric contractions while doing each training stretch session. We also allow time under tensions analysis to occur during stretch sessions.

Active Stretches: Can be done in any exercise routine and can be performed during any training activity;

Passive Stretch: Also known as a recovery stretch or stretches that are used to rejuvenate the tired body (better done with a stretch partner).

Recovery Stretch: These stretches are usually performed at the end of an exercise session.

Next article - Stretching different muscles - targeting specific muscles and types of exercies stretches.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bodypump 60 Filmed 13th August 2006!

The guys have just filmed Bodypump 60 there is an article on the main Les Mills Site by Dr Jackie Mills:

Bodypump 60!

Pop-Up-Card for Bodypump 59!

The new popupcard is about to be launched on the site, something new and a bit different. It will be hosted off the site for the time being with a redirection back here.

There is also going to be a blogview (Bodypump 59) here like on the old site.

I miss doing them that way, so they are coming back to the site.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Poster for Bodypump 59!

 ©2006 Les Mills International

Who is the man in the poster anyone know?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sneak Peak Bodypump 59!

Here it is:

Bodypump 59!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bodypump 60 Filming Date!

As you read this the filming of Bodypump 60 was and has gone by!

Bodypump : 5:00 pm August 13th 2006!

So in light of that some articles will appear here on Bodypump 60 including the sizzler for that release.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Les Mills Introduces a New Class called - StepPump!

A one hour class combining BODYPUMP® to strengthen and tone your body, and BODYSTEP® which pushes fat burning systems into high gear. (Currently a Trial Class only)

Copyright Les Mills International 2006

Taught by: Lisa Osborne!

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