Friday, September 29, 2006

New Les Mills Program!

Please click here:

New Les Mills Program!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bodypump 59 Unplugged!

Will be here this weekend. :) there is something different in this one.


Australian Idol Dan England Learn to Fly - out October 2006!


Dan England came to the forefront of Australian Idol last season and he has been a buzy lad, supporting Shannon Noll from Australian Idol Season 1.

Dan comes from Queensland Australia he is a former garage attendant - Dan has co-written some of the songs on the CD and I support any Idol from any series around :)

On the 16th October 2006 Dan is releasing his devut mini CD.

If you are lucky you can pre-order a copy of his CD with autograph.

Here is a biography of Dan: (Acrobat Reader Required.)



Sunday, September 24, 2006

Guy Sebastian New Single 2006!

This is from Guys forthcoming CD, he is the original winner of Australian Idol. This site supports Australian Idol and any Idol artist around the world. He is truly one of the best singers around. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing his new CD which should be releases soon.

© 2006 Sony/BMG

CD Tracklist

1. Taller, Stronger, Better
2. Do Life
3. Taller, Stronger, Better (Vocal Mix)

Tightrope - Stephanie McIntosh!

© 2006Universal Music

Mistake is already out. Now Stephanie releases her debut Cd called Tightrope! This is an awesome CD and hopefully one day the world will hear the wonderful music of Stephanie.


1. So Do I Say Sorry First?
2. Mistake
3. Tightrope
4. You Should Have Lied
5. Wishin & Hopin
6. Out In The Rain
7. You Don't Love Me
8. A Change Is Coming
9. God Only Knows
10. Overcome
11. Sink Like A Stone
12. The Night Of My Life

Please check her music out :)

Aria Awards 20th Anniversary CD 2 Set!

© 2006 Sony/BMG

For well over the last 20 years where I am from Aria have been the leading body for chart sales and recording sales (top 40) charts.The CD starts with John Farnham and ends with a wonderful track by Ben Lee from 2005.

They have released a 2 CD set of tracks from the last 20 years of their awards show. The CD is a journey from 1997 to 2005.

Track Listing:

Disk 1

1. John Farnham - You're The Voice
2. Icehouse - Electric Blue
3. Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning
4. Crowded House - Better Be Home Soon
5. The Church - Under The Milky Way
6. Ian Moss - Tucker's Daughter
7. Peter Blakely - Crying In The Chapel
8. Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mine
9. Absent Friends - I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You
10. Baby Animals - Early Warning
11. Yothu Yindi - Treaty (Filthy Lucre Mix)
12. Diesel - Tip Of My Tongue
13. Wendy Matthews - The Day You Went Away
14. Tina Arena - Chains
15. The Cruel Sea - The Honeymoon Is Over
16. Silverchair - Tomorrow

Disk 2

1. You Am I - Soldiers
2. Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow
3. Regurgitator - Polyester Girl
4. Natalie Umbruglia - Torn
5. Powderfinger - The Day You Come
6. Killing Heidi - Mascara
7. Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby
8. Powderfinger - My Happiness
9. Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough
10. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
11. Powderfinger - On My Mind
12. Delta Goodrem - Born To Try
13. Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
14. Missy Higgins - Scar
15. Ben Lee - Catch My Disease

This is a limited time released CD and is only available for sucha short time please check it out. Maybe they can use some of the tracks in Bodypump :)

ARIA is Copyright © 2006 to ARIA!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bodypump 59 Trinity 17!

I have been with BODYPUMP™ for such a long time and this is my 43rd BODYPUMP™.

Track 7 by Trinity 17 is now one of my favorite track 7's ever. It is up there with Love Comes again DJ Tiesto from release 53 and As The Rush Comes, Motorcycle from release 55.

It is a good sing along track.

Reminds me of Castles In The Sky Ian Van Dahl from BODYPUMP™ 47 and I belive Sash - BODYPUMP™ 48 and BODYPUMP™ 49 Australia and Ganbareh Sash - BODYPUMP™ 45.

Trance tracks are so track 7 in any BODYPUMP™.

Awesome choreography by Glen O and the team.

For those who have not done the release you are going to seriously enjoy track 7 of BODYPUMP™ 59.


Awesome to see on the DVD at the end......

Well I won't say anything but that was way cool to see :)


Way to GO :)

The best track 10 in Bodypump 50's Series!

Track 10 in the current Bodypump is awesome. I won't say who presents the song on the DVD for those who have not seen it yet. Simple choreography, stripped back - uncluttered and perfectly effective.

Every move simply flows from one part to the next, the song is also featured on Bodybalance 34 as track 4.

The track is wonderful, a good sing along track.

The ending gives me goosebumps - simply chilling and wow!

Big thumbs up to Glen for selecting that track for Bodypump 59 awesome.

Bodypump 59 - Track 4!

As everyone knows E-Type are back into Bodypump now for some fun which is your favorite E - Type track from previous Bodypumps:

4 BP 31 Here I go again E - Type
5 BP 36 Campione 2000 E - Type
4 BP 39 I'm Flying E - Type
4 BP 42 Life E - Type
4 BP 45 When I close my Eyes E - Type
4 BP 46 Set The World On Fire E - Type
4 BP 53 Hold Your Horses E - Type

Going to go out on a limb here and say that track 4 in Bodypump 59.......

We clearly need more E-Type and Jackie O in Bodypump :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober - Open Door New for 2006!

©2006 Wind-Up Records

On the 3rd October 2006 Evanescence from Bodypump 49 - 48 (Rest of the World) "Bring Me to Life" are releasing a new CD called "Open Door"


01. Sweet Sacrifice
02. Call Me When You're Sober (First Single Out.)
03. Weight Of The World
04. Lithium
05. Cloud Nine
06. Snow White Queen
07. Lacrymosa (song samples from Mozart's Requiem)
08. Like You
09. Lose Control
10. The Only One
11.Your Star
12. All That I'm Living For
13. Good Enough

Bring on October 2006 :)

Denzel - New CD!

Danzel from Bodypump has a new CD single - Undercover please check it out!

Cascada has two new singles!

Cascada "Everytime we Touch" from Bodypump 57 has two new singles out.

Cascada - Kids In America and Cascada - A Neverending Dream from her debut CD.

Please check them out :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bodypump 59 little did I know that...

Over a year ago on Michaels site I reviewed INXS " Pretty Vegas almost 11 months later it appears in Bodypump as a track 10. They have another track called "Afterglow" and "Devils Playground" from the same CD that would be awesome in Bodypump.




INXS recently came to where I am from. JD Fortune is an awesome singer and we get a double dose of JD here and in Bodybalance 34 which is now one of my favorite track 3's. Will talk about that over the other site.

Glen does an awesome job presenting that track and I enjoyed watching him on the DVD. Not to bad for a debut entry into Bodypump as a Master Presenter. This is his very first appearance on a Bodypump DVD and enjoyed the whole release. Finally got to see Stevie R in action. I maybe the only person on earth that never has done a class presented by Stevie. Susan and Peggy Cleland and Johh Cleland were awesome as well.

This release is an aweome release and I look forward to seeing what GlenO gives is on Bodypump 60 November 12 a little over 2 months from now.

Bodypump 2006 is an awesome year from Bodypump 57 to 59 it is vintage time for Bodypump and look forward to Bodypump 60 November 12th 2006 at our new venue the "Convention Center"

kia ora


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tracklist for Bodypump 59!

Here is my new tracklist site for Bodypump by Glen Ostergaard. It now replaces the one for Michael's site. His site will still be there.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Justin Timberlakes/Futuresex/Lovesounds!

I vowed never to buy that CD. I decided to get it today I think I have an advanced copy of the CD and love one song off the CD called "What goes around - Comes around interlude" The CD is launched on the September 12, 2006. Summer Love would be an awesome abs track hopefully they will use it in 2007 please.

Justin rocks on the CD awesome music from Justin.

©2006 Sony/BMG!

1. Futuresex/Lovesound
2. Sexyback - Timbaland, Justin Timberlake
3. Sexy Ladies/Let Me Talk to You (Prelude)
4. My Love - T.I., Justin Timberlake
5. Love Stoned/I Think She Knows (Interlude)
6. ...What Goes Around...Comes Around (Interlude)
7. Chop Me Up - Three 6 Mafia, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake
8. Damn Girl - Justin Timberlake,
9. Summer Love/Set the Mood (Prelude)
10. Until the End of Time
11. Losing My Way
12. (Another Song) All Over Again

"What goes around - Comes around interlude" would be an awesome abs track or a final track on Bodyjam or abs or back on any Bodybalance class.

It proves on thing never judge something based on one song I take that back 100%!

It is an awesome CD and a great followup to Justified!

Do youself a favour get the CD full of future maybe Bodyjam tracks lets hope so :)

Dave McKenzie inspired thread!

Dave said something profound on the DVD for Bodybalance 34 he did an option and said that was cool of that's all you can do."

I hope this does not offend anyone?

There is a certain amount of responsibility for running any site. People come to a site looking for answers to questions wanting to know something about Bodypump. I have been with Bodypump for the last 44 Bodypumps and in that time have picked up something.

I picked up the following:

Rule 1:

When learning a new action (Gym or Bodypump) you never start on the heaviest weight. Reasoning is that you are learning new motor patterns and new movements. The recommendation is to strip back the weights and explore the new movement and get to know what it is all about.

Rule 2:

Lower weights allows technique correction and learning proper ROM and allows the person to learn the exercise right in form and techique. Without learning proper technique or form I learn nothing about the exercise its range of movement and correct alignment.

Rule 3:

Once proper technique is developed and learned then weight progression is going to occur you slowly increase weights. Over a time period you can apply proper execution of movement and proper alignment (avoiding possible injuries.)

Rule 4:

It is your workout, you know the limits of your body.

Rule 5:

Never single out anyone in a class and make an example of them imposing your agenda on the participant and allow them to enjoy their workout, they might t be suffering an injury and coming back from that injury. Or simply have worked out the previous day in a gym or with a PT in a training session and the body is recovering from that session.

Everyone has a story to tell, ask them their story and never make an example of someone because you know what they should be doing in weights. You can correct technique which is the right thing to do, but never correct their weight selections that is individual and should remain so. It is the same in Bodybalance as well everyone has an option and should be allowed that option, correct technique yes.

Rant over!


Cassie: Me & U!

Cassie has a hit single called Me & U.

Check out her site please at:

Cassies Site!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Track 1 Series 50!

Here it it a snapshot of track 1's from Bodypump 50 to Bodypump 59.

Seriously can anyone not say that every track below is an awesome track and that you could never say that ine track is better than the rest.
BP 50 Scream for More - Kate Ryan (Michael J McSweeney.)
BP 51 One Step Away - DJ Jurgen BP 52 Pray - Lasgo (Michael
J McSweeney.)
BP 53 Only If I - Kate Ryan (Michael J McSweeney.)
BP 54 Rise - Safari Duo (Michael J McSweeney.)
BP 55 Back To Basics - Shapeshifters (Michael J McSweeney.)
BP 56 I Believe (Give a Little Bit) - Joana Zimmer (Michael J McSweeney.)
BP 57 Come To Me - Tina Cousins (Michael J McSweeney.)
BP 58 I'll be your light - Kristine W (Michael J McSweeney.)
BP 59 I Surrender - Nicki French
(Glen Ostergaard.)
Kate Ryan was a highlight of this series Scream for More who could not love that track as a number 1. Only If wow what a wonderful track 1. Rise Safri Duo who could believe that that track would be an awesome track 1. Come to Me - Tina Cousins and I Believe from Bodypump 56, it has been an wonder period for Bodypump and the track 1's from the 50's series are outstanding and Michael and Glen have done a wonderful job selecting tracks for Bodypump 50 - 59.

Bodypump 50 - 59!

Wow and amazed that the 50's series of Bodypump is over. I look at all the releases in front of me and and shocked that 2004 was Bodypump 50 and now it is 2006 and we have the final installment of Bodypump. next 1/4 is Bodypump 60. I have no idea where times has gone it seems like yesterday we had Bodypump 21.

Will do a special best of the 50's series.

Will say in advance that Bodypump 55 is a standout release in this series of Bodypump and that Bodypump 59 is now giving release 55 a good run for its money as an outstanding release.

Michael has done an outstanding job on releases 50 - 58 and Glen has done a superb job on the final release in this series of Bodypump.

You are going to love the current release.

Bodypump 59 1 week on!

It is a excellent release. The more I listen to it the more I am liking this release lots.

Now I have a new favortite track 4 and it is on Bodypump 59. I also have a new favorite track 6 Like the Sun - Trinity, it is up there with Love Comes Again - Tiesto feat BT from Bodypump 53 and the ultra cool As the Rush Comes - Motorcycle from Bodypump 55.

I adore track 10 on this release. I also love it in Bodybalance 34 and it is one awesome track 10. Track 10's in Bodypump are awesome release 56 - 57 - 58 - 52 are outstanding track 10's.

There are some new moves in this release track 6 is a biceps blaster and Simply Irresistible from Robert Palmer is an awesome track 2 and track 8 is up there with War Machine from Bodypump 52 and also I Get Up from Bodypump 55.

You are going to love this release and every track on Bodypump 59.

An outstanding release by Glen Ostergaard!

Making it all make sense and having a practical and theory based approach to Gym Instruction and Bodypump!

I was picked out at a 1/4 about doing French presses with min weight a 5kg plate which I think is an OK weight to do this. I was asked to increase it to 10kgs two plates sandwiched in both hands. I have done in excess of 43 Bodypumps and know that it is unsafe for anyone to sandwich two plates together and do French Press (O/H Extensions.) one could loose grip of one of them and it slips causing an injury and not to mention it could lead to shoulder impingement issues and rotator cuff issues.

To be singled out and told to increase the weight levels is unreal as I have been following what Michael and others have done over the last number of years and seem to be doing it right. (Which I will always do what is asked of me and what is in the manual and the notes and Video/DVD for each release following strict guidelines that are in place.) I will do one plate but being made an example in front of everyone for doing one plate is bit over the top.

I will sandwich two plates together and do a shoulder press because I know that is in the front anatomical position (facing forward) and if they plates fall then they will fall in front of me, (if I have someone in front of me then that would not be an option.) if they slip towards the back then I may have shoulder impingement issues and rotator cuff issues which I stated above. I am a trained Gym Instructor and know what is right and wrong and how to safely execute ROM and make it safe for me and everyone concerned.

I have also looked at all my notes written by Michael and the illustrations that are there and the illustrations have the person doing it with a single weight. I will always follow what is in the notes say always.

I will never sandwich two plates in an anatomical position that is not on the front anatomical position. Likewise I will never do a Military Press. I have an excellent article on Plate / Free Weights in Bodypump and I read it and it states that "The weight should be selected according to the available span of the hands (Les Mills International 2001)" and weight selection is based on that and what I am doing it as a Press or Extension or Shoulder Press.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SMS Alerts!

SMS alters are all the rage latley.

Now thinking about activating that here?

E-Mail activated!

On this site you now can e-mail articles off the site to friends who may be interested in what is written here.

The site welcomes!

Jon Towells site to the blogger.

Jon and his team now link to the tracklists for the site. I like to thank the guys at his site for doing that and welcome them to the site!

Monday, September 04, 2006

So glad this site is now out!

Been planing this site for a long time and finally today it is out. It has been a long trip getting this site to where it is now.

Learning new things about blogger and what I can and cannot do.

Enjoy the site and hope that everyone likes the new format and the new layout of the site!

Just uploaded the new tracklist format!

Doing some fine tuning of the new format tracklist site for this site. Like the new feel of the tracklists, the format will be replicated for Bodybalance 34 as well.
The sites take some time to develop and put together. They will be here early next week.
The tracklists from now on will be replicated on this site and I am in the middle of doing a traditional review for this site as well as a PopUpCard as well.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Geoff Taylor awesome to see......

It was awesome to see Geoff Taylor's name on the credits for Bodypump 59.

Geoff was on Bodypump 55 with Michael and Amy Barnes.

He was awesome to watch on that DVD.

I hope one day that Geoff comes back to the DVD's he was awesome at technique with Amy Barnes and Michael leading the class.

3 Months of Posts!

July to September 2006, it has been a huge task getting the site together and creating content for the site over 43 posts over a period of 3 months.

I hope that everyone enjoys the site and reads the last 3 months of enteries into the site.

The best is yet to come in October 2006 with a new concept on the tracklists.

Bodypump 59 By Glen Ostergaard Review 1!

They are big shoes to fill.

Glen has done a superb job with this release.

He has developed some new initiatives with this release. You will notice that in 3 of the tracks. He has remained true to the nature of Bodypump which is a good thing I was expecting it to be different in every aspect.

Glen however, has kept true to the essence of Bodypump.

Outstanding tracks are 4 and 7 (Like the Sun) Trinity. Glen has used a track by INXS as track 8 which is awesome short and to the point.

Track 1 Glen has done some innovation with that track and liked the new innovation.

Track 2 has progressive blocks in the track which allows progression in the strack.

Track 3 brings a flashback artist from the 90's to the release. Glen has developed a awesome routine to the track. Love the ending.

Track 4 is a brilliant track and brings back a Bodypump friend to Bodypump loved them in 1999 and still love them in 2006.

Track 5 Tons of isolation work in the tricpes and like the ending of the track.

Track 6 is a lock and load track I worked with light weights yesterday. Will bring them up to 5 kgs for this track.

Track 7 is a highlight of this release 3 phase work and tons of isolation work in the track.

Track 8 is a lock and load track tricky transitions being a short track and a busy track in parts, tons of shoulder burning, which is awesome.

Track 9 is one of the longest track 9's recently like the abdominal stabilization in the track.

Track 10 is something new and structured differently, the track also appears in Bodybalance 34 as well.

Overall a wonderful release from GlenO and looking forward to Bodypump 60 Nov 2006.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The bigday Bodypump 59 comes my way!

Tomorrow is the big day finally the last bastion of the free world in Ocieania gets Bodypump 59 and I am miffed about that.

Will do a full preview in the coming week about the release.

But I am still miffed about that still the same!

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