Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dave McKenzie inspired thread!

Dave said something profound on the DVD for Bodybalance 34 he did an option and said that was cool of that's all you can do."

I hope this does not offend anyone?

There is a certain amount of responsibility for running any site. People come to a site looking for answers to questions wanting to know something about Bodypump. I have been with Bodypump for the last 44 Bodypumps and in that time have picked up something.

I picked up the following:

Rule 1:

When learning a new action (Gym or Bodypump) you never start on the heaviest weight. Reasoning is that you are learning new motor patterns and new movements. The recommendation is to strip back the weights and explore the new movement and get to know what it is all about.

Rule 2:

Lower weights allows technique correction and learning proper ROM and allows the person to learn the exercise right in form and techique. Without learning proper technique or form I learn nothing about the exercise its range of movement and correct alignment.

Rule 3:

Once proper technique is developed and learned then weight progression is going to occur you slowly increase weights. Over a time period you can apply proper execution of movement and proper alignment (avoiding possible injuries.)

Rule 4:

It is your workout, you know the limits of your body.

Rule 5:

Never single out anyone in a class and make an example of them imposing your agenda on the participant and allow them to enjoy their workout, they might t be suffering an injury and coming back from that injury. Or simply have worked out the previous day in a gym or with a PT in a training session and the body is recovering from that session.

Everyone has a story to tell, ask them their story and never make an example of someone because you know what they should be doing in weights. You can correct technique which is the right thing to do, but never correct their weight selections that is individual and should remain so. It is the same in Bodybalance as well everyone has an option and should be allowed that option, correct technique yes.

Rant over!



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