Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Perfect Mistake - Anthony Callea!

Anthony has released his second CD and on the CD is a track called "Perfect Mistake" it is track 2 off the CD.

That track would rock as a track 6 in any Bodypump class :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My track 2 selections from Bodypump 50 - 59!

Overall the 50's series of Bodypump produced some awesome track 2's thanks to Michael and his wonderfull selection of music and tracks. Glen only had one track in the 50's series.

Track 2 from Bodypump 60 is a cool track 2.:)

Bodypump 50's Number 2's:

Celerbrate Good Times DJ Bobo (Great way to celebrate the 50th release of Bodypump)
Give It Up Captain Jack (Love Captain Jack tracks in Bodypump - The Race was a top one from the 30's series of Bodypump)
Overload V / Voodoo & Serano (Number 1)
Beds are Burning Nova Space (One of the best track 2's that Michael has choreographed.)
Run to You Novaspace (As above)
You Are All Of That, Danzel (Loved that track in Bodypump 55 which is one awesome piece of work by Michael.)
Voodoo Child, Rouge Traders (Extended Mix.) (Wow awesome thats all I have to say.)
Paris to Berlin (Extended Version), Infernal (Love Infernal and that track was a highlight of that release.)
Drop Dead Gorgeous - Republica (Loved Republica from the 40's series of Bodypump and enjoyed them in the 50's series of Bodypump.)
Simply Irresistable - Robert Palmer (A great intro by GlenO into Bodypump. Loved Robert in the 20's and 40's series of Bodypump.)

Favorite track goes to:

©2004 Les Mills International

Bodypump 52:
Overload V / Voodoo & Serano

Why: I love the whole feel of the track a real fun party track to squat to and a hard one at that. What makes this one awesome it is a total sing along track with tons of energy in the track. Love the whole feel of Bodypump 52. We go that release towards the end of 2004. Michael really choreographed that track so well.

There has not been one track I never liked in the 50's series of Bodypump a really nice mixture of hard thumping tracks mixed with the best techno and flashback tracks.

This has been one awesome period in Bodypump :)

Don't Give Up - Shannon Noll and Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Some of Australias artists have united on national project in conjunction with Beyond Blue BEYOUND BLUE WEBSITE! it is a national initiative for Depression.

Home: Songs Of Hope & Journey is the combination of artists efforts to bring national attention to the cause.

This site supports the initiative.


01. Home - Anthony Callea
02. Don't Give Up - Shannon Noll and Natalie Bassingthwaighte
03. Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) - Human Nature
04. We Both Know - Guy Sebastian and Amy Pearson
05. Sailing - Guy Sebastian and Amy Pearson
06. 2000 Miles - Young Divas
07. Coming Home (Acoustic Version) - Alex Lloyd
08. River - Kate Miller-Heidke
09. Better Be Home Soon - . Michael Paynter
10. Get Here - Kane Alexander -
11. Welcome Home - . Dave Dobbyn
12. I'll Stand By You - Erica Baxte
13. By Your Side - Girlband
14. Starman - The Inches

Please support the initative :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tracklist Site!

One of my students Judy gave me an idea while looking at her website and.

Massive changes are coming with the tracklist site.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jacinta - Destination!

Check out her new single hot on the heals of Sunshine she has a new single called "Destination" it is going to be huge this summer!

I adore her music :)


Last Goodbye (Cabrera Remix) - Da Buzz!

That track would rock in any Bodypump classs.


Cross Roads - Sylver!

Check out this CD some awesome tracks that would be awesome on Bodypump :)

01. Lay All Your Love On Me - Abba Remake Single
02. Why
03. One Night Stand
04. Dance With Lonelines
05. You And I
06. Lovesong
07. Half As Much
08. On My Own
09. Seven Tears
10. Keep Your Hands
11. Except Me
12. The End

BODYPUMP ® Trance Mix 50 - 59!

Check this one out:

01. Scream for More - Kate Ryan Bodypump 50
02. Overload Voodoo and Serano Bodypump 52
03. Summer Rain - Slinkee Minx Bodypump 54
04. Everytime We Touch - Cascada Bodypump 57
05. Don't Panic - Logo Bodypump 53
06. Cross the Border - Denzel Bodypump 52
07. Love Comes Again - DJ Tiesto Bodypump 53
08. Work the Body Jason Nevins and Luke Bodypump 51
09. Don't You Want Me - Blue Lagoon Bodypump 56
10. I belong to you - Anastasia Bodypump 59

What do you think?


Check out the begining of the DVD and the begining of the Masterclass. I will be interested what everyone thinks?

The best track 1 in Bodypump 50's Series!

I was reading over Tami and Craigs site that they are doing a best off series from tracks 1 - 10 of Bodypump 50 - 59.

  • Tami and Craigs Site
  • So I decided to follow them and do mine!

    Best Track 1

    © 2003 Les Mills International

    Bodypump Scream for More (Bodypump 51) would be mine love that track.

    Followed by I Believe Joana Zimmer! I like tracks that are up and lifting and those make me happy. Which is what track one should be :)

    Defining Moment Track 1:

    Would be Come to Me - Tina Cousins from Bodypump 57.

    © 2005 Les Mills International

    Bodypump 57 is now my favorite out of the 50's series of Bodypump.

    Not that Bodypump 55 is not up there now. However, I do feel that Bodypump 55 is a Bodypump you get invited into to do. Bodypump 55 is a Bodypump you accept it on its terms. But that is a personal viewpoint. However, Bodypump 57 has tons of super songs on the release and I adore track 4 and 10 on that release heaps.

    Defining Point:

    For me would be track 1 Scream for More Kate Ryan because I have never heard of her before Bodypump 50 and I enjoyed teaching that track :)

    I also appreciate it that Michael e-mailed me back when I said how much I enjoyed Bodypump 50. Pumpfrog Mike is one awesome role model that I have learned from. I adore his vision of Bodypump and what he gave me in music and exercise perscription in Bodypump could never be measured ever!

    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    The best of Bodypump 60's Series!

    So Far Away goes into slot number 10 for "The Best of Bodypump 60's Series"

    A real good sing along track.

    So slots number 3 and 10 are now:

    Bodypump Best of Series:

    03. Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi - Bodypump 60
    10. So Far Away - Amici Forever - Bodypump 60

    Have a Nice Day Bodypump™ 60!

    ©2006 The Island Def Jam Music Group

    Remember Bodypump 32 and Bodypump 36 well they are back :)

    BODYPUMP™ 32

    01. Can't take my eyes off you 2 Hot 4 You
    02. Haka Maori Chiefs
    03. New emotion Maurizzio

    04. Keep the faith Bon Jovi
    05. Have a Cigar T Sign
    06. Larger than life Backstreet Boys
    07. Stand by me Chelle
    08. Funky cold medina y2k Tone Loc
    09. Bailamos Enrique Iglesias
    10. The prayer Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli

    One awesome Bodypump that was one fine Bodypump I kid you not :) Michael did and awesome job on that release. The talking point about that release was track number 2 such emotion and debate about one track. Love track the back end of that release from track 8 - 10 still gives me goosebumps.

    BODYPUMP™ 36

    01. Give Me Tonight 2000 AD Shannon
    02. The Race Captain Jack
    03. I'm Outta Love Anastacia
    04. Moving Up Dreamworld
    05. Campione 2000 E - Type
    06. It's My Life Bon Jovi
    07. Pray Tina Cousins
    08. No Sleep N.Y.C.C.
    09. It Feels So Good Sonique
    10. Ave Maria….Oh Mary Dario F

    Loved that release every track is a solid gold track from a Bodypump class. There is not one track on that release that is better than the rest they all are awesome tracks. Champione from that release rocks, The Race is a cool track with car racing sound effects :) No Sleep is a tough shoulder track burning in fact. It feel so Good Sonique is a ab track that has a great ending. Its my life is great track as well.

    Love that release :)

    Now back to Bonjovi I have been a huge fan of Bonjovi for such a very long time (ever since the early 80's- 1983) when I heard Runaway and simply had to have the cassette for that release. Then in late 2005 came "Have a Nice Day" this CD is up there with "Crush"

    Believe it or not when I ordered Bonjovi in 1984 no one ever heard of this group and I was amazed about that.

    Trackview of Bonjovi 1984/3:

    01. Runaway (Would have been an awesome Bodypump Track.)
    02. Roulette
    03. She Don't Know Me (Would have been an awesome Bodypump Track.)
    04. Shot Through The Heart
    05. Love Lies
    06. Breakout
    07. Burning For Love
    08. Come Back
    09. Get Ready

    40+ Bodypumps later and this is my favorite track 3 ever this track is awesome track and goes now into number 3 for the "Best of 60's Series of Bodypump" It is up there now with Enter the Sandman from Bodypump 43 and Jump - Vanhallen from Bodypump 39.

    That is the best track 3 in such a very long time. Good work to the Glen Ostergaard for that track. I was singing like you would never know to that track I have not done that in a long time. Would have loved to see it with no breaks that would be wicked!

    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    BODYPUMP® 60!

    Today a new series of BODYPUMP® began we are now in the 60's series of BODYPUMP®.

    A awesome release track 7 is a real legs track. Loved track 3 (Bonjovi) wow what a sing along for all the hard core rockers.

    The masterclass today was outstanding at the new venue. Have tons of praise for the presentation team.

    We had the pleasure of having a crossed microphone with someone at the convention today which was a really funny thing and added something to the class.

    This begins one awesome series of BODYPUMP® :) bring on the 60's era of BODYPUMP® :)

    Will write up a review later on in the month.

    Thanks Craig and Tami for mentioning my site.

    You guys are way cool :)

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    First Release poster for Bodypump 60!

    On the side we have an exclusive look at the new post for BODYPUMP 60 by Glen Ostergaard!

    Bodypump 60 coming your way November 2006!

    © 2006 Les Mills International
    © 2006 Les Mills International
    (All rights reserved.)


    ENJOY :)

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Surrender - Nicki French Technical Review 01-BP59!

    Copyright © 2004 Energise/Triad

    Surrender - Nicki French leads of the class in release 59.
    Release Date: November 25, 2004 - Bodypump Release 59!

    This is a technical review counting down to Bodypump 60 will do one each day leading up to Bodypump 60 which is scheduled to be experienced on the 11th November 2006.

    Presenters include Emma Barry and Glen Ostergaard. The technical reviews will appear here for this release.


    1. Shanghai Surprize Radio Edit
    2. Saint Radio Edit
    3. Shanghai Surprize 12" Club Remix
    4. Saint 12" Club Mix
    5. Shanghai Surprize Instrumental

    This is the debut track for Glen O and I was in the very last group to do this release where I am from. What sticks out in this track is three newinnovationss and a different ending to the track. It is a remarkable song it sets the mood for the rest of the class. Nicki has never been used on Bodypump ever before.

    The track was recorded by Mary Griffin originally (Bodypump 40) Perfect Moment from her CD Purifiedd and was remade by Celine Dion. The track ranked 110 of the years biggest 200 singles in 2004. Which is remarkable. The song was released on the 22nd November 2004.

    Muscle Activation: (Whole Body.)
    Music: 10/10
    Exercise Enjoyment: 8/10
    Technical Aspect: 8/10

    Next Simply Irresistible - Robert Plamer Bodypump Release 59!

    Quite simply, BODYPUMP® is the Fastest Way in the Universe to Get in Shape!

    This is no where around, and I was going through the archives for the site around 9th October 2004 so I decided to bring this out:

    BODYPUMP® is the world's most popular Group Fitness Program, and it is a evolutionary weight training workout that strengthens, tones and defines every muscle in your body. Designed for all ages and fitness levels,BODYPUMP® delivers real results, real fast. This athletic-based workout uses barbells with adjustable weights to work every major muscle group in the body. With motivating music and awesome instructors, BODYPUMP® strengthens, tones, and defines like nothing else can. BODYPUMP® is non-impact and works all the major muscle groups with weight-bearing exercises including squats, presses, lunges and curls.

    BODYPUMP® is carefully designed for safety and great results.

    Get strong, have fun and look great.

    Quite simply, BODYPUMP® is the Fastest Way in the Universe to Get in Shape!

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