Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year 2007!

Hey everyone have a wonderful new years celebration tomorrow night.

Many thanks to everyone who has visited the sites over the last year.

Next year:

Bodyattack 56
Bodybalance 36 my 30th Bodybalance Release wow 30 releases ago!
Bodyjam 40
Bodycombat 31
Bodystep 67
Bodypump 61 my 45th Bodypump Release :)
Bodyvive 01 / 02 (Coming our way in early 2007.)
RPM 34

To everyone have a safe new years break I am off to the beach for the New Years Celebrations down the Gold Coast which should be awesome - Summer Time :)pipera

Friday, December 29, 2006

Introducing ShineDown!

© 2006 Atlantic / Wea

Us and Then is their latest CD check it out if you love Switchfoot then you will love this group :)


1. The Dream
2. Heroes
3. Save Me
4. I Dare You
5. Yer Majesty
6. Beyond The Sun
7. Trade Yourself In
8. Lady So Divine
9. Shed Some Light
10. Begin Again
11. Atmosphere
12. Fake
13. Some Day

Would like to see their music in Bodypump as well :)

Introducing - Hinder!

© 2006 Umvd Labels

Check out Hinder would like to see them in Bodypump :) if you love Seather & Linkin Park then you will love this group!


01. Get Stoned
02. How Long
03. By the Way
04. Nothin' Good About Goodbye
05. Blliss (I Don't Wanna Know)
06. Better Than Me
07. Room 21
08. Lips of an Angel
09. Homecoming Queen

10. Shoulda

Vote [1] Hinder for Bodypump in 2007 :)


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ron Moss - All about You - Club Remix!

©2005 Rajonmusic

Ron plays Ridge Forrester in Bold and the Beautiful.

Ron Moss had a CD last year called Uncovered well on the CD there is 4 bonus tracks tracks 15 - 16 would be awesome in any Bodypump class. Some of the tracks were written by the Nelson brothers twin sons of Rick Nelson.


1. You're My Addiction
2. It's All About You
3. Two Kinds
4. When We Kissed
5. Me ; You
6. It's So Easy
7. Just Once More
8. Show Me Yours
9. I Would Do Anything
10. Butterfly
11. Sharp Dressed Man
12. Kites
13. Stand By You (Bonus Track)
14. After All This Time (Bonus Track)
15. It's All About You (Club Mix) (Bonus Track)
16. Baby Come Back (Bonus Track)

Yes I am being serious :)

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Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown has passed away!

It is with sad regret to announce that James Brown has died today 25th December 2006. He was 73 years of age.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Introducing Akcent!

© Magic Records

Akcent have a debut CD called "French Kiss with Kylie" some awesome tracks on the CD and I guess some of them would be a interesting addition to Bodypump.


01. Kylie
02. JoKero
03. Phonesex
04. French Kiss
05. I Swear
06. Seasons On One Day
07. I'm Buying You Whisky
08. S.O.S.
09. Last Summer
10. Spune-mi
11. Suflet pereche
12. Dragoste de închiriat
13. Kylie (Crush Rock Remix
14. JoKero (Activ & Optick Remix Edit)

Shoulder Press - Survival Guide!

I have permission to use this anywhere :) and to reproduce it as long as I acknowledge and reference accordingly.

"Slight retraction of the shoulder blades with a slight pinch in the upper back to open the joint"
"Maintain a high chest position."

"Keep the elbows slightly forward in line with the angle of the shoulder blade."
"These considerations also apply when pressing overhead with plates."

Fatigue plays a big role in the same execution of the overhead press.
Written by the Technical Team (Bodypump)
Les Mills International ©2002 (All Rights Reserved.)
Used with the kind permission of Les Mills International.

Disconnected - Blue Thunder!

Love that track would rock in Bodypump would suit and awesome shoulder track a bit Euro but what can one say :)

Lil Love - Waiting for Tonight!

© Big Star Records 2006

Love that song it would also rock in any Bodypump class. Possibly track 7 :)

Daddy Cool for Bodypump!


Daddycool by the Vinylshakers would be an awesome track 9 or 8 in any Bodypump Class.

Hope they are reading this at Les Mills :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all 2007 coming soon wow.

Have a wonderful christmas and awesome 2007 :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Easily Affected - Melissa Tkautz!

Copyright© 2006 RAJON

Easily Effected is the latest single by Melissa Tkautz - it is from her forthcoming CD called "The Glamorous Life"

First CD single out is Easily Effected:

01. Easily Effected
02. Easily Effected (12" Extended Version)
03. Blink
04. The Glamorous Life" (D.O.N.S Remix)

Track 2 would rock as a track 7 in any Bodypump - Calve Raises - Lunges etc..... :)

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Harder Edged Tracks in Bodypump!

I had an idea about the people at Les Mills creating a Rock - Metal - Urban Bodypump Release. I think that would rock. Loved Bon Jovi as a track 3 in Bodypump 60 and that kinda music would be awesome in any Bodypump class.

Daughtry - Bo Bice - Nickelback to name a few, we have had Linkin Park. I would like to see some of the music I would like to see in Bodypump.

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Best Track six the 50's series of Bodypump!

A very impressive list below:

Hard to choose one track really. One has to be the winner and that is:

Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park Bodypump 50!

Followed by the following - Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers Bodypump 55 and Spirit in the Sky - Gareth Gates Bodypump 56.

01. Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park Bodypump 50
02. Walk This Way - Run DMC & Aerosmith Bodypump 51
03. Cross the Border - DJ Mendez Bodypump 52
04. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy - Big and Rich Bodypump 53
05. Carwash - Christina A Bodypump 54
06. Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers Bodypump 55
07. Gonna Make You Sweat (Steve Anderson & Dakeyne mix) - C & C Music Factory Bodypump 56.
08. Spirit in the Sky - Gareth Gates Bodypump 56
09. Pump It - Black Eyed Peas Bodypump 57
10. Stand By Me (Original Mix) - Mr Timothy feat. Inaya Day Bodypump 58
11. Time 2 Move (Kortezman Vocal Version) - Hannah Jones Bodypump 59

Honourble mention would go to Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy and Gonna Make You Sweat.

The 50's series of Bodypump has given us the best tracks 6's ever. Many thanks to Mike and to Glen for the last one in this series!

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Added labels to the site!

Made the switch to the new Blogger tons of new things to get used to here. Just added labels to the posts.

Now have to figure how to use them and what they can be used for?


©2006 Sony/BMG

Ben playing this CD all day today :)

Daughtry is the new group from Chris Daughtry from American Idol.

He has released his debut CD called "Daughtry" which is an awesome CD. Released 21st November 2006.


01. Its Not Over
02. Used To
03. Home
04. Over You
05. Crashed
06. Feels Like Tonight
07. What I Want" (featuring Slash)

08. Breakdown
09. Gone
10. There and Back Again
11. All These Lives
12. What About Now

Its not over is his first single out. An awesome debut CF for his group. Man music like this is massive!

Would like to see music like this in Bodypump :) raw hard rock music!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Filex 2007!

If you are in Sydney next April and are a Les Mills Instructor Filex is on check the details below you can do classes held by the master trainers:


The Australian Master Trainer team

Garry Hart - Michelle Bridges - Gayle Brimble - Karen Russell - Dee Rynkiewicz - Ruth Teina

Product Managers

Lisa Osborne - BODYATTACK®
Mark Nuu - BODYSTEP®
Gandalf Archer - BODYJAM®
Dan Cohen and Rachel Newsham - BODYCOMBAT®
Glen Ostergaard - BODYPUMP®
Jackie Mills - BODYBALANCE®
Dan McDonogh - RPM™

Details are at:

Right click and save into new window:


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Track five from the 50's series - my votes!

Track 5's are always difficult to judge:

Don't Panic by Lasgo - Bodypump 53 is a standout from this series of Bodypump.

But the all time number 1 goes to California - O.C from Bodypump 55 wins place one as the best track 5 from the 50's series.

Why? Because it is a challenging track 5 and brings back dips. I can say for one thing that my triceps burn when I do that track and I love that feeling :)

Bodypump 58 brings us Let the Sun Go Down - Superfly vrs Fishbowl is an outstanding track 5.

I would like to say that Stranger in the House Tamia from Bodypump 40 is my alltime favorite track 5 of all time. It is an efficient track 5 and has kickbacks like you would not believe. The track leads into Ice Baby Ice - Vanilla Ice which is one tough track 6.

Next up from me track 6 :)

Kellie Pickler - Small Town Girl - I Wonder!

Today I was going for a walk I adore walking and walk at least 30 kms a week.

I put on a CD by Kellie and was going through the CD and track 5 came on I Wonder "What a wonderful song"

I went through some moves in my head to that track as a track 10. Man what a wonderful track 10 that would be. The song is a country track. Why should tracks be pop or opera for a track 10 can we have a track 10 that is country music.

I went home and done an awesome "freestyle" cooldown to that track and man that made me smile.

I made up a move called "Cresent Stretch" and a "Half Moon Stretch" :) mixed with ITB stretches and hip flexor stretches.

What a wonderful singer is Kellie and I adore her CD :)


1. Red High Heels 2. Gotta Keep Moving 3. Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind 4. Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You 5. I Wonder 6. Small Town Girl 7. Wild Ponies 8. Girls Like Me 9. I'm On My Way 10. One Of The Guys 11. My Angel

Glen please use that track as a cool down track for Bodypump.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Track four from the 50's series - my votes!

As said before I might like different music to many others out there.

Track 4's on each release are pretty much where we all agree that they are one of the highlights of the class.

In the 50's series of Bodypump one track stands out and that track is:

Everytime we Touch (Original Mix), Cascada from Bodypump 57. That track really is a hard core track 4. I am sure everyone would agree. I watched the DVD from that release this morning and by the excitement in the room that track took off.

(c) 2005 Les Mills International

Here I Am (Send me an angel) - Jan Wayne Feat Charlene from Bodypump 54 is one outstanding track as well. Thumping NRG music I guess is why that track is a standout track4.

Both tracks are dynamically different on so many levels. Both work you hard and both are totally different to any other track 4 in the 50's series. They are really hard core tracks.

Honourable mention goes to an awesome track Hold Your Horses from Bodypump 53 and Paradise - E Type from Bodypump 59 both are outstanding track 4's, and the party track 4

Copyright © 2006 Les Mills International

Riding on the Wings of an Angle - Motiv8 from Bodypump 58.

I am flying on the Wings of an Angle was the theme song to that release.

Thats my highlights from Bodypump 50 - 59.

Next track 5!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Track three from the 50's series - my votes!

I must admit it I like different music than the typical Bodypump Instructor.

Favorite Bodypump Track three from the 50's series would be:

Push It, Garbage - Bodypump 57.

Why- I like hard edged track 3's like Stranded from Bodypump 31 and Jump - Bodypump 39 and Enter the Sandman from Bodypump 43. Tracks like Push It by Garbage are simply great motivator for a track 3. Like Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi from Bodypump 60.

Push Up - Freestylers - Bodypump 53.

Is also a standout track from the 50's series of Bodypump a great sing along track the other reason is the pushup at the end of that track. The other thing is I like Freestylers they are an awesome group.

Notable mention goes to Pump it up - Danzel from Bodypump 51 :)

I really don't have a track 3 I don't like. I must be one easily pleased person.

Bodypump 60 Track 4!

It was so cool to hear on the DVD what Glen said about track 4 on the current Bodypump. That gets a big 10/10 from me :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New tracklist site launched for Bodypump 60!

The new tracklist site for Bodypump is below I love the new look and all created using notepad and HTML :)


Enjoy the new look and feel of the site! :)

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