Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gareth Gates New CD Due Soon!

Gareth Gates has a new CD coming out soon, he was awesome in Bodypump 57



I Believe,Joanne Zimmer
Voodoo Child, Rouge Traders (Extended Mix.)
She Drives Me Crazy, Fine Young Canniballs
Why, DJ Sammy (Club Mix.)
Satisfaction, Benny Benassi
Gonna Make You Sweat (Steve Anderson & Dakeyne mix), C & C Music Factory
Tina Cousins, Wonderfull Life (Extended Radio Edit.)
I Like The Way You Move, Bodyrockers
Do you really want to Hurt Me, Blue Lagoon
Angels, Robbie Williams
Spirit in the Sky, Gareth Gates (Bonus Track.)

Gareth is in myspace many thanks Gareth for the add I adore your music :)

Check out Gareths new website at: http://www.garethgates.com/

Learn the Moves!

Learn the moves from Bodypump from GlenO and SusanT:


Awesome work :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sexyback Track 5 - Bodypump 61!

Have to laugh when you get the CD have a listen to the CD :) won't say much but on the way home today from work I was listening to it and broke out laughing.

Amazing :)

BODYPUMP ® 61 last weekend.!

On Saturday I went to our 1/4 at one of the awesome places to have one the Convention Center with views of the city as a backdrop to the event. We have 2 Bodypumps at the 1/4 I am a bit miffed at one thing the guys doing Pump 1 never pack away their gear and leave us the people doing Pump 2 to pack away their gear.

Well I got that off my chest :)

We had 3 presenters on stage and the legendary Kim Knott was one of the presenters I have heard wonderful things about her and she did not disappoint she was truly remarkable and such a sweet person to talk to and an awesome presenter, kudos to her :)

This release track 2 is tough track - loved the lower body work. Awesome workout from that track.

Track 3 is an outstanding track loved the way that Glen has chored the track.

Track 4 sees the return of Cascada that track rips loved the row work and enjoyed the pain barrier.

Track 5 is from Justin Timberlake loved this track and is a highlight from this release. Loved the start of the track and enjoyed the end heaps.

Track 6 is a fast one enjoyed the new transitions.

Track 7 some things are coming back to this track won't spoil it for anyone who has not done it yet.

Track 8 that track is another highlight from the release.

Track 9 Beyonce comes to Bodypump an awesome abs workout to this track enjoyed this allot.

Track 10 is Snow Patrols Chasing cars we have the same track in Bodybalance which leads to more confusion.

Overall this is a standout release. I will do a tech review of the release in March and will return to the way I used to do reviews on Michael's site.

Congratulations to Glen O and this release. Bodypump 61 is an awesome release and enjoyed it heaps :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reymonds Blogger!

Just a thanks to Reymond for the connection to here much appreciated. I read on his blogger a wonderful review of Bodypump 62 coming our way May 2007.

If you want the low down and goss on the release please visit Reymonds site as he has some wonderful news on the current filmings.

So if you want to read up in the releases (Feb Filmings.) please see his blogger connected to this site via my links on the side.

Tami and Graigs Blogger!

I was deeply sad to read that Tami and Craig are giving up teaching Bodypump I am still in shock about that.

I really appreciate the support that they have given this blogger and my Bodybalance Blogger. Words cannot express my huge thanks to them for linking to my bloggers and being the first to do so.

What I admire about Tami and Craig is their insights and passion about Bodypump.

I do hope that one day they come back to teaching Bodypump and Tami teaching Bodypump and Bodyflow.

If they are reading this many thanks and I appreciate your support and linking back to my site that would be appreciated forever.

Kia ora pipera!


Hi been awhile since I have posted here. Life has been pretty much hectic for me for the last few months. I am going to start my reviews of Bodypump here again. I just need time to do it.

Just a side note also I like Bodypump 59 and 60 and a huge congratulations to Glen Ostergaard on what he has done with Bodypump.

The workshop is on Saturday and I am excited about Bodypump 61. There are tones of good reviews about this release.

Will post on Sunday my thoughts on the new release.

kia ora to all :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Introducing Kandice Melonakos!

Check out her site awesome music would def like to see the track playing on her site now in Bodypump as a track 1.

I'M Alive is the track playing imagine doing that track as track 1 in Bodypump :)

Kandice Melonakos's site!

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