Saturday, March 31, 2007

Please check out the forum attached

Hi please check out the forum for the site please tons of registrations no posts?

Say hi please and please post there tons of cool features that are not in any other forum out there.

Enjoy :)

Como Ama Una Mujer - Jennifer Lopez!


Jennifer has a new CD called - Como Ama Una Mujer the CD is 100 % Spanish and it is her very first all Spanish CD.


01. Qué Hiciste (What Have You Done)
02. Me Haces Falta (I Miss You)
03. Como Ama Una Mujer (How A Woman Loves)
04. Te Voy A Querer (I Am Going To Love You)
05. Porqué Te Marchas (Why Are You Leaving)
06. Por Arriesgarnos (Featuring Marc Anthony) (Because We Risked Ourselves)
07. Tú (You)
08. Amarte Es Todo (Loving You Is Everything)
09. Apresúrate (Hurry Up)
10. Sola (Alone)
11. Adiós (Goodbye)

6. Por Arriesgarnos (Featuring Marc Anthony) (Because We Risked Ourselves) would be an awesome track 10 in Bodypump :)

Her Bodypump Discography:

  • Ain't It Funny J-Lo Bodypump 43
  • Let's Get Loud Jennifer Lopez Bodypump 39 awesome track :)
  • I'm Real J-Lo Bodypump 42

The 150th Mark!

150 posts here not as much as on Michael's site over a thousand or so entries :)

I am glad I am back posting again after such a long absence from this site.

Introducing Nek

Love the music of Nek have his CD called Esencial from last year now looking around for more music from this awesome singer.

Check out his website tons of awesome music would love to see his music in Bodybalance or Bodypump.

Vertigo is his latest single.

Please check his music out :)

My Review of Bodypump 61!

 ©2007 Les Mills International

Track List

01. Love Changes (Everything) (Original Radio Edit) - Musikk feat John Rock
02. Walk On Water (Flip & Fill Remix) - Milk Inc
03. I'm Not Dead - Pink
04. Miracle (Extended Mix) - Cascada
05. Sexyback (Clean Version) - Justin Timberlake
06. Audioslave - Original Fire
07. Somebody's Watching Me (Hi_Tack Radio Edit) - BeatFreakz
08. Uprocking Beats - Bomfunk MCs
09. Déjà vu - Beyonce feat Jay Z
10. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

I have not done one of these for such a long time and finally have a chance to do one. I have a spare few hectic moments to do this one.

01. Love Changes (Everything) (Original Radio Edit) - Musikk feat John Rock begins the workout nice to see a male lead coming into the workout - we have not had too many of them. It is one of the longest track 1's we have had recently. Before you know it the workout begins really enjoyed this track learning it was hard. Maybe because I was singing along too much. Overall it is a good warm up track never heard the track before I got the DVD and CD for the release which makes it a good track.

02. Walk On Water (Flip & Fill Remix) - Milk Inc nice one from Glen O learning the start up reminded me of the start up of Make Yo Bodypump learning the sequence and timing is important so I spent extra time learning it. Overall now my favorite track 2 in the 60's series of Bodypump. Love trance music would like to have seen the track as a track 7. Overall a good leg track. That track simply rocks everyone loved it many thanks Glen O for that track love the bottom halves in this track :) now one of my fav track 2's ever.

03. I'm Not Dead - Pink Awesome track love it learning it was so much fun love Pink and that track awesome choreography from Glen O as usual now one of my favorite track 3's ever loved Have a Nice Day Bon Jovi better being an old Bon Jovi fan. Everyone loved this track. Who would have thought this track would be a chest track in Bodypump?

04. Miracle (Extended Mix) - Cascada I have been a huge fan of hers for such a long time and she is in myspace :) overall liked the flow of the track similar to the way Michael would have done it in Everytime We Touch. Liked the periodised structure of the track and the interval training approach to the track. Its early days but Africa from the previous release is still my favorite from this series of Bodypump.

05. Sexyback (Clean Version) - Justin Timberlake love it what more can I say Justin Timberlake to do triceps to who would have thought of that. A really awesome track and a big 10/10 from Glen.

06. Audioslave - Original Fire seems out of place in this release you go from Justin to track 7 and seems out of place in the release. However, it works the biceps would have liked to see a similar transition from track 5 to 6 then 7 and 8. Its a short one and works the biceps great choreography but still feels out of place to me? Who knows?

07. Somebody's Watching Me (Hi_Tack Radio Edit) - BeatFreakz Great track fun to learn everyone loved it and will be a stayer for a long time to come. Angel from Bodypump 60 is still my favorite from the 60's series of Bodypump. 07. Somebody's Watching Me (Hi_Tack Radio Edit) - BeatFreakz is a remake of the massive hit by Rockwell back in the ealry 80's so that track has a special place to me I liked Rockwell and enjoyed his music lots. What ever happened to Rockwell? I still have the 7" single to that song. Big 10/10 from me on 07. Somebody's Watching Me (Hi_Tack Radio Edit) - BeatFreakz.

08. Uprocking Beats - Bomfunk MCs great workout effect from this track love the ending :) its a buzy track so much put into this track. Overall the best track 8 from this series of Bodypump.

09. Déjà vu - Beyonce feat Jay Z like the track like Beyonce. Felt it was way too fast to cue. I felt at the end of the track is stopped suddenly and was left there hanging expecting another Hover to to go back to supine and do some more abdominal work. Love the track it worked effectively my vote still goes to Hips Don't Lie from Bodypump 60.

10. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol had the same track in Bodybalance as a track 5 hip openers like Snow Patrol enjoyed this track alot as an ending. Enjoyed the track in Bodybalance as well. Overall So Far Away gets the vote from me as my track 10 from the 60's series. I like upbeat tracks as an ending to Bodypump please more happy tracks. I would not mind hearing a Celine Dion track as a track 10 OR maybe something by Sarah Brightman or Damien Leath would go down a treat.

My favorite in this series of Bodypump still is track 10 from Bodypump 60 :)

Glen can we have a happy track to end a Bodypump track a feel good track please :)

Overall an awesome release Bodypump 60 and 61 are awesome releases now looking forward to Bodypump 62 on May 05th 2006 at the 1/4 and learning a whole new release and reviewing that release.

Great work Glen and the team.


FLEXTER - Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 Mix!

Been listening to that track lots latley would like to see it in any Bodypump release. Its from a CD:


Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Original Mix) (5:28)
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Skam Remix) (5:42)

An awesome track :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


They must read here :)


Lips of an Angel :)

All we need now is:


Monday, March 26, 2007


The very first look at whats coming up in Bodypump 62 in May 2007.

New variations in the moves and huge diversity in the music for a standout class that members will not want to miss. Instructors too will love to teach this complete package of work and fun.

Jackie Rawes I believe in Dreams is a happy inspirational song to connect you to your workout and wet your appetite for what's to come - you just know from the get go that this one is gonna be huge. Then we hit the legs with four working sets and the big sing along sound of Nick Skitz and Run to Paradise. Watch out for the sting in the tail with a swarm of bottom halves. Bob Sinclair's funky Rock This Party brings a change of tone for the chest work. Then the innovations kick in with the deadlift focused back track with three working phases and two bar down recoveries. The pullover move makes a welcome return in a great tricep track to the quirky sound of Gwen Stefani Wind it Up and the mood changes again as we go dark and gothic with Evanescence in the biceps. A backward stepping lunge off the bench is another effective innovation in BODYPUMP® 62 with a modified arnold press adding spice and intensity in the shoulder work. Then the new class winds up with a couple of mega-hits in the shape of Justin's My Love in the Abdominals track (the new leg extension work with crunches is really intense.) and Hinders Lips of an Angle is the Cooldown.

Great work, Glen and the team!

This is BODYPUMP® at its best.

© 2007 Les Mills International (For Educational Usage Only.)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Alex Megane

Check out the music of Alex Megan would suit Bodypump to a T he has a new single out now also would suit RPM as well :)

Alex Megane

Introducing Keira Green

Check out http://www.keiragreen.com/ and her music awesome :)

Shaun Baker DJ!

Shaun Baker is taking off with VIP his hit from this year. Check out the mans site and listen to the dudes music!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Congratulations to Glen and Sarah

Read awhile ago that Glen and Sarah got married recently on behalf of myself and this site congratulations on the big event.

May you have a awesome marriage and a wonderful celebration of life together.

Bless :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lesmills has a new look and feel

Well I am a bit behind the times lol Les Mills have re-launched a new website with cool features. The community function is similar to the concept I have here. Mine is Blogforumsupport which is uniting the fitness world through a community approach. Joining the Blog and Forum Community.

I have started posting there and guess what is my name over there ;)

I will still continue posting here and continuing the blogger here.

More coming here very very soon ;)


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Welcome to BodySystems Forum Argentina!

The people at BTS Argentina have now a link here to their forum :)

Click here to access their forum:

BodySystems Argentina Forum!

Please visit their site and post there :)

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