Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tracklists Updated!

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


This is one awesome release from track 1 to track 10. There is some new inovations that Glen as created for this release. When teaching this release I guess the word to describe it is a technical release (music wise) tracks 3 and 9 are technically challenging.

Lets begin at track 1 Kate Ryan comes back to track 1 (Scream for More) from Bodypump 50 was her first time. I loved teaching that release lots. A really good release. Track 1 in this release sets the mood for the rest of the class. Great warmup track!

Track 2 comes from Cascada and she rocks. She is in myspace :) tons of leg work in this track and one of the longest track 2's for some time. The longest I have done was over 6 minutes that was back in the early 20's series of Bodypump. That would have to be around the late 90's :)

Track 3's latley seem to be tough tracks this one has something special wont spoil it for anyone by there is something different in this track and I guess that this is a good thing for Bodypump inovation is what makes the program stong and grow.

Track 4 is one of the hightlights of this release and will be added to my Best of 60's series of Bodypump.

Track 5 is a fast track 3 different variations and has a good structure to the track.

Track 6 is a hard track to learn and time a short track, so stack up the weights for this track.

Track 7 Is a long track divided into two sections and a massive ending to that track. Something new is coming!

Track 8 is a hard shoulder track tons of shoulder work.

Track 9 won't say much about this track. There is an abs sting to it :) which is something that I was looking forward to in this release.

Track 10 is also a highlight from this release. It is a shorter track 10, I would like to see a longer track 10 thought. But this track is well choreographed by Glen.

An awesome release and I am looking forward to Bodypump 64 and 65 coming later this year and early 2008!

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