Monday, February 04, 2008


Bodypump 65 came my way last weekend at our 1st 1/4 for 2008. It is an awesome release from track 1 to 10

Track 1 sets the mood for the release an awesome track from an old favorite from the 50's series of Bodypump. Love the combinations of moves in this track and the epic ending is awesome.

Track 2 a killer squat track I kid you not tons of singles and a killer end to the squats. You hit a zone and stay there with this track.

Track 3 sees a return of a song from the 20's series of Bodypump for us who were there back then :) it is a short track you will love this track so cool won't spoil it here but wow reminds me of Bodypump 27 :)

Track 4 is a def highlight from this release with a artist that came to us in a previous release of Bodypump. It is now my all-time favorite track 4.

Track 5 is a tri track short sweet and to the point. Love the ending of this track.

Track 6 is an aweome track and the combination of moves makes it one of the best in the 60's series of Bodypump. Your biceps are going to love this track. :)

Track 7 is one of the hardest track 7's ever prepare to feel it in the quads and the gluteaus :) kicker track and kicker moves :)

Track 8 awesome love the beginning towards the middle the pain threshold is tested and at the end an awesome conclusions.

Track 9 So so cool ab time mine felt it :) love the begining and the ending awesome Glen :)

Track 10 so so so cool :) my favorite track 10 ever and I have been with Bodypump since the 20's series of Bodypump.

Everything about Bodypump 65 is awesome totally rocks and my favorite in the 60's series Bodypump.

Music is a 10+
Choreography is a 10+
Exercise Selection 10+

Perfect 100 % Awesome

Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home!

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