Monday, June 08, 2009

Chest Track Bodypump 70

Lots of dramas out there regarding this track. Tried to say what I wanted to say but here goes.

There is a DVD and choreography notes that go along with the releases. They go into great detail about the releases and generally what you should do.

A classic example where translation seems to have gone astray.

The track has a hold at the top a small count with elbows bent. There is also in the coaching section of the release. Basically telling people why it is there.

Basically it is a static hold at the top it is a micro pause. It is there to accommodate a hold prior to the downward phase of the tracks next set of exercises. There is a application of load in the hold and this allows participants to hold at the top in a long downward loaded phase. It is a great training effect.

We have had holds in other releases like in squats and lunges the same principle also applies. The small hold at the top or bottom has a limited ATP objective and a micro-rest in the track. The other reason would be to allow loading of weight over a time to increase weight progression in the chest track.


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