Saturday, October 31, 2009

Post Moderation Approval Comment

I posted this on the main Les Mills Forum.

Options are cool, and by saying one option fits all is counter-productive to say the least and mis-leading. They can do either of 3 options 1) Feet off the Floor (still acceptable) 2) Feet planted firmly on the ground or 3) Feet placed on the bottom of the bench.

It is not one fit you need to offer options :)

Well it was approved by the moderation team there and posted there.

So there you go.

They approved the comment.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have tried!

I have tried to go back to posting on the Les Mills International Forums. Well I gave it ago.

I refuse to post in a forum where I am on the defensive I tried to post there about a thread "Women and the Haka" and was essentially denied once again to say what I wanted to say and leave it at that. I got the usual lets have a go at him posts after mine and then I had to defend myself once again. It is so uncool to be in a forum where this kind of hostility occurs.I simply wanted to post about me experiences  historically wise about the track as I was there back then.

I am sick and tired of all the drama!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Denied the Right to Post

Up until Monday this week I was posting on the main Les Mills Forums. I was a member of that forum since February 2007. I enjoyed posting there and really liked answering peoples questions and getting involved in the general chats on the site.

Now it is impossible for me to post there because I feel un-welcome there. I feel as If I was to post there then it may end up not so cool. The thing is I just wanted to post there and talk to others who have my passion for Bodypump and also Bodybalance. Thats it and thats whaI I wanted to do.

To go to a forum that has been apart of my life since 2007 and it has been a daily visit there to not being able to go there and post is not cool. Because I have no idea who is going to enter the thread and what they are going to say to me there. I have no control of what people write in each thread there and choose not be a part of a thread where I have no idea where and who is going to take it in another direction.

Then there is my fear of what they are going to say to me and what they write about me there. It isn't nice to enter a forum and to feel such fear and being scared to post there.

There is also an element there that delights in going into each thread I post in and well making my life difficult there to post.

I really don't understand it is so un cool.

So to avoid that I cannot post there :(

From now I will never be able to post there.

Rather sad to say the least.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bodypump 72 Track 4

You are going to love track 4 in Bodypump 72.

Man you are going to love it :)

Shhhhhh :)

Sizzler for Bodypump 72

BODYPUMP® 72 is all about making your class stronger, faster. How? By focusing on Bottom Halves and Partial Range movements, the rest phase is eliminated and the muscles are kept under tension for longer. Look forward to a challenging workout and an overall strength blast where active recovery is your only break! Brace your abs and prepare for more Bottom Halves than you bargained for in the Squats Track. Kelly Clarkson will motivate you to keep going with her huge hit I Do Not Hook Up. New Zealand’s own Dane Rumble sings Track 3 – Always Be There. Bottom Halves and Slow Bottom Halves will put your chest muscles under tension for a little bit longer than usual. Ouch! The good news is this will give you results faster. The Triceps Track is sweet like Sugar! Again, Bottom Halves are the name of the game.

Challenge yourself and go a bit heavier than normal in the rocky and upbeat Biceps Track. The Bicep Row returns, attacking your guns from a different direction. It’s back to the legs in the intense Track 7. The Lunges stick with the theme of the release – you guessed it – lots of Bottom Halves that will push up your heart and burn calories. The Shoulders Track is a tribute to the legend that is Michael Jackson – make sure you watch the DVD for this one! The range of motion in the Singles has been shortened to ¾ Range. Grit your teeth and hang on! Ciara and Justin Timberlake will take you through the Abdominals Track with Love Sex Magic. The mix of deep, lower abdominals work and the Walking Hover will chisel your six-pack and at the same time strengthen your core.

© 2009 Les Mills International (Educational Usage Only.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Artist Releases Coming Soon!

It has been a long time since I have written about new music and artists. I have a huge back section of new music and artists to review here.

Some of the artists you would have never heard before so they are going to be a real suprise to you all reading here.

Coming Up 2009

More new artists coming to this blog.
More posts about Bodypump 71 and 72.
Sizzler for Bodypump 72 and tracklists for Bodypump 72 (I know already what track 4 is.) you are going to love track 4 from Bodypump 72. Can not wait for this release, the abs track sees the return of the step for the abs section. :)

I have been told that Bodypump 72 is a tough release :)

Back to Posting Here!

Well I tried and tried to post in the lesmills forum.

No joy, its like an alternate universe over there.

The problem is I refuse to post in a forum where I am treated like that.

Over the last few weeks it has been rather difficult posting there.

So I am back here posting where I can say what I like and move on :)

The joys of life :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tracklists Update

My host recently went through my sites and helped me out by changing the images I have at Blogforumsupport.com I appreciate that heaps.

If I run out of bandwith this month I am going to upgrade my posting plan so I can have more bandwith and not run out like at the end of this month.

I hope everyone loves the new tracklists at blogforumsupport.com


Back to posting here.

Well I am back here 100% I have had enough of the Les Mills Forums.

I am grateful I have somewhere I can post and get back to the way I used to post.

I have something new coming to this site later on this year based on something I have seen work this term at University completing my Masters in Online Education. Basically making the site more interactive.

Cheers all!


The site will have a few down moments this weekend. This is due to the hosts upgrading I am sorry for any inconvenience.

I am all for democracy

But the lack of moderation on the les mills forum and if you report a thread as abuse it does not even get a response back from Les Mills International.

How can you safely post at a forum when clearly no one moderates the forum and a certain sector of that forum post information that is incorrect and inaccurate on their personal blog at that site.

So much for reporting a thread that is not correct and dare to challenge this by reporting it and no one there in the admin team at Les Mills International cares.

Then someone on that forum has a profile and posts numerous lies about someone and they can get away with it.

And they are allowed to defame someone print material that is not correct and put words into ones mouth that one has never said. Then they proceeed to link de-fame one in their signature and it is allowed to sit there.

I now post the conditions of posting on that forum:

You remain solely responsible for material you post on the Online Community. You agree you will not post any material (including links to other websites or images) which is false, defamatory, inappropriate, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any applicable laws. If you believe that a posted message is objectionable, notify Les Mills immediately.

They are still allowed to post there after I report the thread for abuse and my privacy has been invaded at that forum. They also posted hateful, harassing and obscene details about me and are allowed to get away with it.

Clearly who ever is moderating that forum is not doing their job.

I have been defamed, abused and had hateful things said about me there and I have reported this a number of times and no one there cares or bothers to do something about it.

Un real to say the least!

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