Sunday, November 01, 2009

How can something well intentioned?

How can a question a person asks in a forum gets distracted from its original intent?

I witnessed this today over at the forum. It happens there all the time someone asks a question and then all hell breaks loose. What gets me is that people need questions answered that are why they come to the forum to ask questions.

They don't need to read the horrendous hurtful things in a forum and people dis-respecting people.

They simply ask a question. That is not hard to do. Simply answer the question. Allow others to answer as well. But never dis-respect anyone and treat people with contempt.

If you don't know anything and are able not answer the question 'Don't enter the thread' and dis-respect people by directing the thread to another direction.

If this their intent then that’s flaming and trolling and generally not acceptable.

Please don't say anything flip and un-warranted and offend the general public.

There are kids and children coming into the site it is a G rated site so keep all the adult talk and dis-respect out of their forum.

Yes kids do go to the forums and read not only adults.

So remember that you are in someones domain that Les Mills International owns. They use the forum as a meeting place for anyone to come and post.

The forum belongs to everyone not a select few now who think they run the place.

Here is the news it is for everyone to post at :)



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