Sunday, November 15, 2009

Should Instructors Change Choreography e.g. remove the rests from the tracks?

This got somewhere lost in the endless thread over at the Les Mills International (Forum) I often wonder why they would operate a forum and the endless exchanges go on their and not one word from them about what is right or wrong. They seem not to really care about it. There seems to be a open slather where nothing is challenged by TPTB . All they had to do was come into some of the threads and say what LMI says is right.

The situation is opposite at the Radical Fitness Forum where people come in and say something and they TPTB come in and clarify the situation  and everyone is on the same page.

Here is their guidelines:

T01 = 15 seconds transition (weight change squats)
T02 = 30 seconds transition (weight change chest)
T03 = 45 seconds transition (weight change back)
T04 = 39 seconds transition (weight change triceps)
T05 = 30 seconds transition (weight change biceps)
T06 = 30 seconds transition (weight change lunges)
T07 = 30 seconds transition (weight change shoulder)
T08 = 15 seconds (loose weights 1 plate opt for abs)
T09 = No transition to the cool down move directly to the cool down
T10 = None

LMI transition guidelines.

All they had to do is say the above and end the tirade of endless abuse over there which lends nothing to what they should say and have not.

I don't want to appear negative but they run the programs and the forums have turned into a bad situation currently where allot of hidden agendas and back fighting is going on. That is not the intent of the forum. Well the forum I joined in 2007. It was opposite to what is was back then. I really don't mind banter between people. However, the endless yada yada and "straw man arguments" that are going on their are endless and distract often from the posts as they are originally asked.

All people have to do is read the original thread. Yes the person who asked the question. Then simply answer the question. Leave the endless diatribe that leads no-where off the questions and simply answer the question. If you don't know the answer then why really bother at all?

No we got 5 pages of crap and the infighting and adults acting like 2-year olds and instructors working for Les Mills acting worse than that. They are representing Les Mills International as Instructors. It just goes on and on daily. If you are a Les Mills Instructor act like one. Don't go into the web space owned by your employer Les Mills International and denigrate the programs and make the whole situation look like a bad "soap opera" act like ambassadors for LMI and don't act like a 2-year old and cheapen the image of Les Mills International.

Rant over!



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