Saturday, April 10, 2010

PPCA who wins the Artist the Fitness Industry or People Simply Wanting To...

The case is pending 17th May 2010.

So who really wins the artists, the fitness industry, the instructors teaching classes, the people attending the classes.

Clearly no one is going to win. The industry is going to change as of 17th Many 2010. The way we used to exercise to music and the way we used to love to exercise to our favorite artists is going to change.

It must be really hard to sit in a room and dictate a position that is going to destroy peoples enjoyment of exercise to music. It must be hard to sit in a room and make peoples lives a little sadder that they cannot use certain tracks. They must love the fact that they tried to destroy and industry and put people out of work in the fitness industry and upsetting people working in an industry.

People only want to exercise to their favorite artists. Is that wrong well PPCA seem to think.

Clearly PPCA have nothing else to do but to make people sad and not happy in the fitness industry and the people attending their classes.

They could have done an additional charge of $20.00 per CD to fitness instructors purchasing CD's to exercise to this would have worked. The royalties would be $1.95 or up to $2.00 per song as a distributed royalty paid when the music was purchased. They could have said to gyms that for every class you run in Group Fitness that use PPCA protected music that there would be a charge for the use of the music. For example a 10 class track selection would have 6 PPCA free songs based on the use of 4 tracks in this class the charge would be $ per track you use. If you run a class PPCA free then no charge. That would be so simple to run. All gyms need to do is ask their instructors to keep a record of all songs used in a month in say Excel. The data would be in an agreed download format. The data is sent to PPCA and they would send a monthly bill to the gym concerned for payment of the non PPCA Free music used.

Or PPCA could create a software package that instructors and gyms could import their track list taught in a given month and the data file sent to PPCA each month to upload to their system. Based on the data supplied a bill would be sent to the gym concerned.

Simple isn't it?

Unreal to say the least!


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