Saturday, May 08, 2010

BODYPUMP® 74 First Look

Today was our 1/4 workshop.

Well all I can say is you are going to love BODYPUMP® 74 it is a gem release from track 1 the uplifting Run to final track.

Congratulations to Glen and the team for BODYPUMP® 74.

It was an awsome presenting team including one of the presenters from BODYPUMP® 74 I won't say much more but it was an awesome presentation team.

Will do a full review in a week or so when everyone has done the release.

Love the covers. TBH that makes the release special, you won't find them anywhere elese expect in a BODYPUMP® class and I guess that makes BODYPUMP® 74 unique.

One kick ass workout is coming your way :)

Pump Hard, Train Hard or Go Home!


Blogger Necropolice said...

Hi! I'm thinking about becoming an instructor and I was hoping you could describe in advance the choreography of program 74. I realize you don't want to do it in your blog and ruin the surprise for everyone, but would you be so kind as to maybe email me? I'd really appreciate any info you want to share about what kind of moves there will be! Thanks!

3:45 pm  

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