Monday, June 14, 2010

4 - Years Old

Thank you everyone who has visited this site over the last 4-years.

Congratulations to Glen on a great 4-years of Program Manager - Head Choreographer for Bodypump.

Many thanks.

Best of the 70's my top 10 so far BP 70 - BP 74

I have a new top 10 from Bodypump 70 - 74 and added a few tracks and removed some.

01. Run - Jamie Knight (BP 74)
02. This is Who I am - Annie lee (BP 74)
03. Infinity 2008 - Guru Josh Project (BP 70) ties with Always be There - Dane Rumble (BP 72)
04. Mysterious Times - Sash feat Tina Cousins - (BP 73)
05. Keeps Getting Better - Christina A (BP 70)
06. Gotta Be Somebody - Nickleback (BP70)
07. Gone - Lasgo (BP 72) ties with It Doesn't Matter - Mamad Voltek (BP 71)
08. Operation Blade - Public Domain (BP 71)
09. In my Head - Jason Derulo (BP 74)
10. No Suprise - Daughtry (BP 73)

BODYPUMP® 74 - Thoughts

Since I have studied I now find it hard to review something someone has created. However, I will share my thoughts on Bodypump 74.

To begin with we have two versions of this release. What lead to this is I am shocked, how it happened I am also shocked. How can PPCA think what they have done is at the best interests of the artists they are meant to be representing? One wonders at the logic of this decade and how this all came about.

My thoughts on this release are based on the PPCA version of this release. As I have cut myself off from Bodypump non-PPCA mainly because there is no going back.

Track 1 begins the workout. Run returns to Bodypump and the cover version is better than the non PPCA version. Love the music everyone is complaining on the forums about the short amount of squats. The main reason for this is we are going to work the legs further in tracks 2 and 7. I guess for safety reasons and because of the workout in track 7 we have a short squat session. Love this song and reminds me of the 40's series of Bodypump. I don't understand why people are constantly complaining about the tinniest thing is way beyond me. Love this warm-up 10/10 from me. Great sequence of exercises. 

Track 2 is a massive legs track (why we have a shorter squat) in track 1. We have a new move Glen has introduced to this part of the workout. The track has massive sets and by the end of the track you pretty much have spent the legs. I love the block sequence of this release. 9/10 from me.

Track 3 a remake of the Bon Jovi hit. I love the rock feel of this track. The track has some tricky timing issues on my behalf. Once you iron out those and work out the slow parts timing wise it works like a well oiled machine. 10/10 form me love the cover (sorry Bonjovi) I adore your music and love your original version of the track.

Track 4 is a highlight from this release we have the (G) rated version of the track so no "offensive words" that must have passed the sensors at LMI. As usual we have a massive block of power sequences. Love the power triples in this release. One of the best track 4's we have had in the 70's series of Bodypump. 10/10 from me.

Track 5 Not one bar in sight. This is one cool track 5 love it enjoyed the variations in the track a real fun track lots to play with and great music from '3' an awesome cover. I have got used to this version of the music and I guess it took me awhile to get used to hearing it. You will love the 4 super set blocks. Enjoy the last 2 blocks I loved them. Enjoyable and awesome workout. 10/10 from me.

Track 6 a bit tricky to get the front end in groove and understanding the rhythm of the music. Loved the cover we have and enjoyed the pain barrier in this track (thanks Glen for that appreciated from the heart) a 10/10 from me.

Track 7 is the show peace track of this release a massive cover of an established artists song a big ask for anyone to take on this song and sing it. It goes off with a bang. One of the most intense track 7's in a long time. For the first time in a long time I have used the bar in a lunge track. Loved every painful part of this track. (Thank you Glen for this awesome remake) a 10/10 from me :)

Track 8 push-ups anyone? Love this song, the transition form one exercise to another relies on great cues form the instructor taking the class. Transition time is short. So be ready to move fast another 10/10 from me.

Track 9 is now one of my favorite track 9's ever loved every part of this track and a great workout choreographed by Glen. Loved what Susan said to us when she coached us with the reverse curl in this track. Based on what Susan told us I remembered her cues and she was so on the money with what she said. This is a real party feel track. 10/10 from me. This is now my all time favorite track 9 :) 

The cool down is the final part of this and every release. Love this track the sequencing of stretches made this an awesome cool down each move synchronizes into the music into one fluid movement from one stretch to another. 10/10 from me.

Loved this release an awesome release by Glen Ostergaard and the team at Les Mills. Loved the PPCA - Free version of Bodypump (which makes this a unique class) and can only be heard in an PPCA - Free gym near you taking you here in Australia.

This is a solid 100% release PPCA - Free and I guess I loved the cover artist I have been exposed to now :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

PPCA - Free Bodypump 74

Heard the PPCA free version of Bodypump 74.

I am in shock that a program I loved for the past 12 years has no original music in it anymore, and that the music of today will not be in our program.

On the current PPCA Free release of Bodypump 74 I love most of the covers the only one I don't like is track 5 3 - Britney Spears. I am a huge Britney Spears fan I guess no one can cover her music. Track 1 is a good remix of a track by Snow Patrol and Jamie Knight. I have had 4 Runs now LOL. (Two in Bodybalance and 2 now in Bodypump.) So I guess the cover version is not really going to change how I feel about the track. I love the cover version of track 4 as well. It  was interesting to go a 360 and what was in the original to hearing it from a different artist's version and viewpoint of the track.

The rest of the covers measure up and I can say that if you have done the Original Bodypump 74 then moved to this version then you are going to be shocked. If you have not heard the original or exercised to the original then the transition to this release is going to be easy.

I also have looked at the artists in this release and will get used to not seeing any original music anymore. I am shocked and stunned that this has occurred.

I will write more on the two versions of Bodypump in coming days.

We are living in a period of change and transition.

Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home :)

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