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On the original Les Mills forum they have been debating this for a long time. The use of two songs "3" and "Don't Speak" are the tracks concerned. 

I personally have has no issues with the use of these songs. As where I am from we have two versions of the song to choose from one is the original and the other is the PPCA Free version of Bodypump 49. The thing is the tracks appeal is not to any older adult out there. The tracks appeal to a generation from 16 - 24 who are the target audience of the tracks concerned.. I am not personally offended by the tracks. They are purely pop songs that fit a time period where people are listening to a certain genre of music and a certain time where this type of music is out there. I take it as that. It is a song in the charts and in 5-years from now people will be onto Bodypump 80 or there abouts. 

There are however some people that are offended. They now have been given a clean version of the track to play in class. I must say that I think there are bigger issues to worry about than "3" by Britney or "Don't Speak" they are pop songs.

If anyone cares to comment please leave me comment?


BODYPUMP® fans are already describing the shoulder track on this release as the toughest ever and who would argue? The opening track – Fever serves as a preview of the carnage to come, as you find the perfect SET position over the punchy big beats. Game on! Track 2 engages the legs with heavy Squats and sets the tone for the rest of the workout, with a barrage on the upper body and a chest section that lays down a challenge – Press-Ups off an elevated platform.

The first new element arrives in Track 4 – a wider lift grip for Rows that has you feeling the intensity build-up behind the shoulders – then go slightly heavier than usual to target the triceps, culminating with One-Arm Kickbacks for best isolation. In Track 6, Susan Renata straps on her spurs and holsters, and has some fun riding the range, while working the “guns” to Cowboy Casanova, the real showpiece of this release. But the levity doesn't last long.
Track 8 gives the shoulders a hammering with the new Rotator Pec Dec move... BECAUSE WE NEED MORE HARDCORE! Then it's time for yet another innovation – wider feet set in the Hover position to stabilize and challenge the core as you walk the hands, one by one, to Press-Up width and back.

By the time you warm down, your body will be confirming what those fans already knew.

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