Monday, February 07, 2011


This is the very first look at the sizzler for BODYPUMP® 77

Two releases ago, the BODYPUMP® team unleashed a Shoulders Track that had everyone in awe. This time, they take the Back Track to that same level. BODYPUMP® 77 sets out to put tension on the working muscles to make them stronger and more toned and, after the Warmup, delivers on that promise with a Squat Track that stresses Bottom Halves, 1/3s and Super Slows to build pressure. Your chest gets the same treatment, mixing pressure-building slow reps with Singles and Halves for power, before this release’s pièce de résistance... Keep the Chest weight and get ready to pump out three Power Presses – four sets back-to-back, three times. The biggest Back Track in the history of BODYPUMP®? Believe it! It’s a huge anaerobic power move; just don’t forget to engage your core and legs to drive the weight overhead each time. The Triceps Track features a fun Press Pull-over Combination – oh yeah, you’ll like it – while the slower tempo of Diamond Eyes will encourage your biceps to say “goodbye to weakness”, again pounding out plenty of Single and Half Curls. Track 7 uses Backward-Stepping Lunges to pre-fatigue the legs, finally finishing them off with heavy Squats; then you get to throw the kitchen sink at your shoulders to the anthemic Ti Sento. The new Side Oblique Crunch builds intensity through the abs and core, and the hard work ends with an “Around The World” version of the Plank. If you’re wondering what we can possibly do next to make this program more challenging, you won’t have to wait long to find out...

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