Friday, June 17, 2016


01. Strong Ones - Armin van Buuren feat. Cimo Frankel
02. Techno (Extended Mix) - Vinai
03. Focus - Ariana Grande
04. Chased (Radio Edit) - Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma
05. Two Minds - Nero
06. Victorious - Panic! At The Disco
07. Memories - KSHMR & Bassjackers feat. Sirah
08. Redliner (Studio-X Trap Remix) - Nick Skitz
09. My House - Flo Rida
10. Bird Set Free - Sia

Hi guys, and welcome to BODYPUMP 98. We’ve got some great music for this one – starting with the Warm Up. I believe that a strong Track 1 sets the scene for the workout ahead. In the Squats track, there’s 3 stances – not anything different here, but just get in the zone and feel the music pumping through you. In the Chest track, we’re working from the base up. This makes for a harder workout with a mix of barbell work and Pushups to accompany this funky song. The Back track is tough with 8 Cleans. Use the option to teach 4x Clean & Press and 4x Dead Rows if you need to! Then finish up with some Power Presses and you’ll be OK. The Triceps track has the best song in this release in my opinion! This one is a mix of Extensions and Presses on the bench and Tricep seated and overhead work. Enjoy! The Biceps track has the perfect song for BODYPUMP, where we have lots of isometric holds to pump up the jam. The Lunges track showcases a new combo of 4 Bottom Half Pulses then 2 Singles. It’s a goodie. There are short intense blocks of work – 3 efforts. The Shoulders track is probably the hardest ever – where we shape and tone with Side Raise/Mac Raise combos, condition the shoulders with barbell Overhead Presses and Pushups. Two big sets to really challenge your class. It’s gonna rock you! In the Core track there’s a new move using the bench, to increase our strength even more. Check it out! Mr Glen

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01. Scars - Ryan Tedder
02.Derp - Bassjackers & MAKJ
03.Generation Day - Godsmack
04. Dark Skies - Nero
05. Waiting For LovE - Avicii
06. We Don’t Run Bon Jovi
07. How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris
08 Bumble Bee - Zedd & Botnek
09. Young & Stupid - Travis Mills feat. T.I.
10.Purple -Six60

Alternate Track 4 Underworld - Alloy Dreams

BODYPUMP 97! What an epic release! This class is on the charts with electric feel, and we filmed in Sweden to add even more intense magic for your viewing and learning pleasure. My musical highlights – check out the Squats, Back, Triceps and Lunges tracks for some killer sounds. In terms of Track Focus and feel – my BIG focus (and hopefully yours) is to bring the music to life and have a great balance of high-level coaching as well as musicality and feel! How can you do this? Simple. Stick to the basics – timing and range. Get that locked down and you’ll be OK. A few tips... The training effect is behind the music, with lots of tension, lots of pulses – including the highlights of the new pulse rhythm in Track 7 – as well as the 8 Clean & Presses (yes, you read that correctly!) in the Back track. Don’t forget to option 4 Cleans and 4 Rows in that track, so everyone is successful. Oh, and one last tip... The Triceps track is the toughest one ever! Ha! And hey, let’s work on creating Performance in BODYPUMP: step inside the music – step inside your Ultimate You – push play and go! Enjoy!

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01. Five More Hours - Deorro x Chris Brown
02. Blow Your Mind - Tiesto & MOTI
03. Immortals - Along Pointless
04. The Thrill - Nero
05. Hallelujah - Panic! At The Disco
06. Wobble - Flo Rida
07. Peanut Butter Jelly - Galantis
08 Addicted To A Memory - Zedd feat. Bahari
09. Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo
10. Cooldown - Adore - Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande

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